Allison Branzan

Name: Allison Aoife Branzan
Nickname(s): Ally (preferred), Sonny, Allycat, Allygator, Al, Son-Son
Age: 17
DOB: June 8
POB: Los Angeles, Calfornia
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Swiss, Polish, Irish, French, English, Welsh.
Appearance: {Kristina Bazan} Ally, Ally, Ally, where do I get started? Ally has oceanic/Tiffany blue eyes. She has perfect blonde hair, though she dyed it to have a sort of ombre effect. Ally has two dimples on her cheeks that only show up when smiling, which is a lot. She has perfect pink bow lips and a cute little button nose.
Personality: Ally is a sweet, loving, and caring girl. Some call her a wallflower because she doesn't do much. But "much", I mean, no alcohol, no drugs, no deflowering. Ally is what some may call a "goody-goody". She is a good friend who cares about others. She's loving, awesome, and beautiful. Ally is the kind of girl who is calm and relaxed and doesn't like drama. She never gets into violent fights, hence her pacifism. But, she can get mean at anytime.
Bio: Ally's life was thought to be overall the best life ever. But those where just some people who thought she was shallow. When Ally was a kid, she loved doing many many things. She liked to cheer, dance, sing, everything. She also liked food. A lot of it. Ally wasn't obese, but she was very chubby. She was bullied at school and was called "Flabbison" or "The Fat One" or even just "Fatty Mick Fatterson". She was severely bullied for not only being fat, but also for being different. She'd some home with bruises and blood and a broken soul. They broke her down. But it wasn't only her peers at school. Home wasn't a very great place, either. Ally's parents dreamed of her being a prima ballerina. They wanted to see her on billboards, on Broadway. They wanted her to be famous. All Ally wanted to do was impress her parents. But it was never enough for them. Ally hated dancing ever since her parents crushed her spirit. She only likes doing it for fun, and not for competition. But they never accepted her not be a dancer. So the pressure was on. Ally needed to take drastic measures with her weight, so she did what any other girl in her position would do. Ally started to starve herself and her weight dropped drastically. Everyone thought it was a miracle and her parents finally approved of her. Well, approved of her weight, not herself in general. No one, and I mean no one knew what was going on with her. All Ally wanted to be was perfect. All she wanted was to make her parents proud and have the people around her adore her.
Secret: As explained above, Ally has anorexia nervosa, to be exact. No one knows about what's going on with her, so they have no idea why she doesn't eat in front of people, why she gets so defensive when people keep asking her questions about why she isn't eating, etc. On rare occurrences, Ally would sometimes even make herself purge because of the pressure of being perfect.
Pesonalitly Disorder:
On a scale from 1-10 who much of problems will you create? (Drama): 4
+Talents: Gymnastics, dancing, cheer, acting, singing, piano, drawing, ice skating, guitar.
+Hobbies: Cheer, theatre, drawing, piano, playing video games, volleyball, gymnastics, singing, watching Netflix.
+Grade Average: 5.0 GPA (her honors classes added up to this)
+On Scholarship?: Nope

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