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Allure Events
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Capitalizing on the talent and creativity of local artists, actors, musicians and chefs, Allure Events is the premiere event planner for the South. Based out of Austin, Texas they handle everything from weddings and Celebrity birthdays to Company affairs and Charity Galas with a practiced ease of being in the business for twenty-five years. While all our clients see is a smooth successful business, they don’t always realize how much detail goes into planning their exclusive event. It’s the people who run a business, and each part is as important as the next whether you’re an artist or event coordinator, an executive or our receptionist. But not all parties are fun and games, you’ve got to work if you want to play, can you make the list?
So we’re doing things a little different there’s only one made event a week, which is entirely optional to participate in, all we ask is that you:
+ Try to stay active, no one realizes more than us how busy life can get. Make @ least one set a week with a story.
+ No God-modding. If you're going to use another character, ask.
+Keep the Drama in the RP
age: 24-32 (no one under 24 – use models appropriate for the age)
occupation: (coordinator, musician, florist, designer, artist, accountant, sales rep, etc. (can’t own the company))
likes: (5-6)
looks: (some have already been claimed pm Grace if you want to ask)
status: single/relationship/complicated
--> include a story or storyboard
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