-the cheese stands alone

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rl- I went to Urban Outfitters today. I spent like 245589524524 hours searching for the skimmer shoes cause there were clothes everywhere (pahaha as always). I still had to go christmas shopping and my friends were waiting for me so I just bought a random shirt instead. The line was long as freaking helllll. On my way out, I saw the shoes. They had been at the front of the store the whole time. FML. ahaha worst moment ever. And I was definitely not going to go back in the line. 
So that's basically what I did. And random Christmas shopping = carson spending way too much money. 

And ahhhh okay eva and amanda I forgot to take a picture of my chloe bag. I'm an idiot. and I'm too lazy to find my camera. OR do anything right now. This set was in my drafts. ahaha. and amanda. I'm pretty sure we have the same tote. yes? yes. cool cool

on to the rp story



I skipped down the boys' dormitory hallway, my flats making clapping noises on the slick, shiny floor of the hall. I found the dorm room I wanted : 314. I expertly punched in the key I knew by heart and then pranced into the room. I was probably on something. I didn't remember. But it didn't matter anyway. 

"CORNER!" I screamed, then ran into the room.

There he was, with his basketball shoes facing up on his bed, hanging out with a few of his other friends.

They were unfamiliar- most of Corner's guy friends were cool with me too. I had never seen these faces before.

The one with a preppy Lacoste polo in navy and pressed madras shorts grinned.

"Who's this chick? Don't tell me you're cheating on that Waverly girl."

I stiffened. Who the -hell did this guy think he was? 

"I'm his sister, you dick."

"Sure." he replied, chuckling into his hand. 

"Whatever. Have fun with yourself tonight. I'll personally make sure that no girl - or guy will look at you with respect again."

The guy smiled. 

"I like her. What's your name, baby?"

"My initials are F U. Alright? Good day. Say anything and your foot will have a nice meeting with my studded shoes."

The studded Louboutin flats had ironically been bought by Corner for me.

I knew Corner would yell at me for talking to his friends like that. Well, whatever.

I slammed the door to his dorm then marched down the hallway back outside.

A light finger tapped my shoulder.

"Nice talk with the notorious idiot. His name's Carl Sanderberg, and you should avoid him."

"I think I can realize that on my own."

"Yeah, I know. You just seem different than the other girls here. Not as girly and man-eating. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know who I was, Euphrailie."

"How do you know my name?"

"I know everything around here darling. Gwyn." she smiled, taking out her phone to snap a picture of me.

"What was that for?"

"Oh, you know..."

And with that, she turned around toward the main building, the sun shining on her blond hair.
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Wrote 7 years ago
beautiful pics again!! you have a good eye!

Wrote 7 years ago
i hate you for making this awfully gorgeous set i cannot touch.
and because you live in america and you can go to urban outfiters. there is a skirt(s) that i want badly.

Wrote 7 years ago
adorable !!!!

Wrote 7 years ago
I love the color scheme! Its so minty. and that skirt/top combo you made is gorgeous! I want to wear it so bad right noww!! and that sucks. They were at the front of the store the. whole. time! haha



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everyone on polyvore.

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