Alpha Academy-Jayna

Name: Jayna Polver
Age: 16
Bio: Jayna knows the Louvre like the back of her hand. she always loved art, ever since her father gave her a box or water colors for her 3rd birthday. Her artwork has landed her in the MOMA and the Met. She swears she laughes every day and her artwork reflects on that.
Talent: Art
Alpha Motto: All paintings start with an idea
Model: Heather Morris
Plan/Scheme for AA: Focus on school and make friends
Threat: Allie J.
Which BrazilleBoy is your crush?: Sydney


Jayna stepped off of her Alpha Jet. Her beach waves landed perfectly as the wind blew. She saw some girls laughing around and she saw... Sydney. She gave herself a quick cheek pinch and walk off to find her house.

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