Alphabet Fashion Challenge

Alphabet Fashion Challenge
Moderated by aesthetics.
Inspired by the "50 Theme Fashion Challenge" group, the aim of this challenge is to have one set for each letter of the alphabet!
Inspiration can come from any word beginning with that letter.
Following the order of the alphabet is not necessary. If you aren't going in alphabetical order, the easiest way to complete the challenge is to type up the alphabet in your profile, and delete the letters as you complete each one.
Sets can be titled however you like, but please specify the letter used in some form. That's what makes it fun! For example, you could use the format "A is for ____", "B is for ____", and so on.

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PM a moderator when you've completed it and give us a link to your favorite set from your series, or a collection or your sets for the group. We'll add your name and set to the list!
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