name; Astrid Berges Frisbey
age; 17
personality; morbid, introverted, introspective, peaceful, wistful, but given to hysterical fits when under precognitive duress.
power; Precognitive Painting; Precognitive dreams; Phycik.
style; light, rich, vintage, morbid.
mannerisms; Astrid is a bit quirky, known for running off and spewing random bits of peoples futures, or sending people little parchments of her rather morbid paintings whether they be Rorschachs, dead animals or rotting fruit. A lot of people feel unnerved by her presence.
short bio; Astrid has an unnerving senseability of the future, she just seems to know things about people and can only make sense of them through art, since she was little she would see her friends futures and give them a pictoral omen. She grew up in a very conservative area and was soon labeled a witch, her family would receive death threats and dead things on their porch, during a summer afternoon a mob came to her country home to ‘rid the earth of her evil’ they set fire to the house and she lost both her parents. An orphan she was hidden away by her aunt for her own protection, but it seemed the universe wasn’t done with her yet, she eventually became too much for her aunt to handle, throwing fits and spewing utter nonsense. She was shipped off to foster care, where she kept mostly to herself, mastering the art of painting until the academy contacted her foster parents, who were more than happy to rid themselves of their ward. 
character study collection; (soon)
model; Astrid Berges Frisbey
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