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Emilia's questionnaire:

1.Most significant childhood memory?
Squishing in between of my parents. I didn't want a little brother or sister, I just had to sleep with them at night so 'daddy can't help mama to create babies' - yes I wasn't keen on sharing my parents with stinky little ones. 

2. First high school crush?.
Striking midnight blue eyes and pitch black hair - student council president Vicktor Mezrich. He's a sweetheart, it is too bad he died young. Long tragic story involving a school camping and forgotten medicines. 

3. If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three items would you bring and why?
A few bottles of vodka would be amazing, I could get drunk and forget that I'm trapped in nowhere. A comfy blanket would be nice for be to bundle up and maybe some chocolate bars. 

4. If you could lock up 1 celebrity in the house who would it be? 
Ewan McGregor. I shall do every nasty thing my mind can think off to this sexy priest. Forgive me for I have sin.

5.What's something that makes you mad ?
Judgmental people. Period.

6. Do you have a tattoo or piercing? Would you ever get one?
A tattoo on my back. My brother got me that for my eighteenth birthday. It says Dream as if you'll live forever, love as if you'll die today - I know its so cliche but I liked it. Oh nobody is supposed to know (that includes my parents! so hush.)

7. What's your pet peeve?
People touching me. I am ticklish so I get very annoyed when they just place their hand on my knees and I have to stop myself from laughing like crazy.

8.What is your OTP and why? 
Marie Antoinette and Louis - history junkie alert! No, I don't fancy the movie version but the BBC version is absolutely breathtaking. Have you seen how delicious Louis looks?! He is to die for, I shall kidnap him.

9.If you could swap bodies with anybody who would it be?
Charlotte Casiraghi - the epitome of perfection.

10.If you could meet anyone alive or dead who would it be?
My grandmother. I don't care about all those other dead or alive people - I just want a huge warm hug from my grandmama.

11. Who is a movie villain you find attractive? 
Carlos Ventresca from Angels and Demons. Played by the ever so handsome Ewan McGregor who looks so delicious in his custom made cassock. I wanted him to be the good guy! 

12.Under what circumstances would you go to a strip club?
Under no circumstances. NEXT!

13. Have you ever let your brother or sister take the blame for something you did?
Never. I hate to see Zayn being in trouble. Though now I'm pretty sure if my parents ever find out about my 'activities' he'd be blamed for sure. I don't deserve my brother.

14.What are your top 5 favourite movies of all time and why?
The King and I - Yul Brynner is the most amazing actor in the entire bloody universe and he needs to get out of his grave and continue acting. His voice is awesome, he's ridiculously sexy and the fact that he has a lot of chest showing scenes makes me want to dig into the movie.
The Man in The Iron Mask - I love both the 1979 and 1998 versions. Richard Chamberlain was way better as Louis/Philippe than DiCaprio would ever be. 1998 version have amazing soundtrack though! And then of course there's Aramis ;)
Angels and Demons - Must I remind all of you about my love towards Ewan McGregor?!
Ever After - The king is hilarious! Drew Barrymore's cinderella costume is amazing but I kind of hoped that they picked a lot more handsome prince.
The Young Victoria - Albert! How sweet can this movie be?! They need to make more historical love story movies. I need more movies like this!

15. What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever done in front of you or your friends?
My parents are hopeless when it comes to each other. How is it not embarrassing to see your parents having sex on the kitchen counter with your friends trailing behind you?! get a room.

16. What is the worst thing you have ever done whilst drunk? 
Please darling, you /don't/ want to know.

17.Who is your girl crush at the moment?
Charlotte Casiraghi. 

18. What’s your favourite book at the moment/of all time?
I haven't touched a good book in ages but an all time favourite would be Harry Potter series.

19.Favorite TV show and movie?
Tudors and no its not because of how handsome Jonathan Rhys Meyers looks there but simply because I adore the Tudors. Favourite movie would be the King and I - forever.

20. What word would you use to describe each of your sorority sisters?

21.What cartoon character are you most like and why?
Ariel from the little mermaid. We both want freedom.

22. Biggest fear?
Spiders. I do not like spiders at all.

23. Who was the first girl in Theta you met? 
Rosalie Daniels. She was the senior who invited me in or probably was forced to invite me in.

24.Where would you most like to travel and why?
Southeast Asia. They have the best history and culture!

25.What would you do in the last five minutes of your life?
Stare at my parents and brother's faces - force them to sing to me all my favourite soundtracks.

26. Your top 3 Musicians/Bands.
- The Beatles
- 30 Seconds To Mars
- Michael Jackson

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