☬ Character Bio/Info ☬
- Name: Sadie Vanderville
- Nickname (optional): 
- Age: Sixteen
- Year & Coven: Sixth, Exuro
- From: Darien, Connecticut 
- Bio: Sadie being placed in Exuro was the biggest surprise to hit her, her family, and the academy in probably a century. Leah comes from a Cordova legacy, all who attended in her family were placed in Glacias House. She comes from an illustrious home of pure-bloods who trace their roots back to Britain and Hogwarts Slytherin house. Sadie is an only child and much was expected of her, however she was born sickly and frail so her parents hid her away out of embarrassment. She grew up thinking she was weak and she would never be destined for anything, but this caused to her be different than the rest of her cold family. However when she was placed in Exuro house it was obvious she was meant for some purpose...she just does not know what yet. Sadie is quiet and timid, but has an understated beauty, talent, and bravery.
-Model: Ali Michael
-Taken By: shedefiesreality ?

- Wand: 13 inches, oak wood
- Wand Core: dragon heartstring
- Broom: nimbus 2000 but she rarely uses it
- Skills: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures
- Skilled Quidditch Positions: none
- Boggart: Her parents saying "disappointed" over and over again 
- Patronus: bluebird

☬ Short Story ☬

I made sure to look down the hallways before I pushed open the doors of the Combat Area in the Exuro's common room. Having someone walk in while I'm facing my deepest fears was not something that I wanted happening. So I made sure that I had finished the book work we were doing in class before everyone else and then get a pass from my Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher to come practice. 

It was a large room with a lot of space in the middle for combat. And there were various D.A.D.A. items cluttered on the outside edges of the room. My eyes searched for the one thing I needed. And then I found it on the side of the room, cluttered with a bunch of other D.A.D.A. things. The wardrobe in which the boggart is kept. I pulled it out and placed it in the middle of the room. 

I took 3 deep breathes before opening the doors of the wardrobe. A puff of smoke came out, but when it cleared, my parents were standing there, which their normal scorning look on their face.

This I had expected. I had been trying to work on this spell for the past week in class, with no success. Normally I pick up on D.A.D.A. spells quickly. It was easier that way. Because then I wouldn't have to stand up in front of the class more than once. But this was one that I found myself very stuck on. 

Suddenly my mother and father boggarts started moving towards me, and they spoke quietly only one word. "Disappointed". The wind was knocked out of me and I felt as though someone had punched me in the stomach. My "mother and father" circled me. Repeating that word.

In class, I had never gotten this far. If a person couldn't conquer their fears in the first few minutes, our professor would have dealt with it himself. I realized that I didn't really think ahead. What would happen if I couldn't put them back in the wardrobe? Would they haunt me forever? Would they escape and haunt others? Was I putting this school in danger by doing this?

I felt a new strength. A determination. This was no longer about me but about the others I had put in danger by this careless mistake. I took my wand and pointed it at the boggart.

"Riddikulus!" I shouted.

With another puff of smoke, the boggart disappeared back into the wardrobe and the doors locked.

Any strength I thought I had soon crumpled into nothing. I sat down hard on the floor. And then the tears came.

It's silly that my greatest fear was something that was already true. Sure, my parents never upright looked me in the eye and blatantly told me that they were disappointed in who I had become, but they didn't have to. I could see it in their eyes.

Like during my first flying lesson with my father. He had been his team's star chaser. I had fallen off my first try and I refused to get back on. I was too light and I was not strong enough to hold onto a broom for that long.

Or when my parents found out they couldn't have anymore children because my mother had become infertile. We were in the hospital room, and I was ten. Sometimes the look they gave me after they found out, haunts my in my dreams. I saw them search me over, as if looking for just one valuable quality in myself. But they found none. And my mother cried.

Or maybe when I had written to my parents about how I had gotten into Exuro instead of Glacias like everyone else in my family had. They never responded to that letter, but I knew they had gotten it, and shown it to the rest of my family. Because I later got a letter from my conservative grandmother telling me how I had disgraced my family.

Disappointment was prevalent in my house, though the word is not often used. So it's a wonder to me why it's my greatest fear. I thought that it would be easier by now to face it if I had experienced it so much.

The bell rang loud and clear outside. I hurriedly tried to wipe my face and clean my face of all the tears on them. And I moved the boggart back to its place. And I proceeded to class, with the intention in my mind of going unnoticed as I normally am.

[so what I'm trying to say through this story is that even though Sadie is weak and her parents don't really pay attention to her, she's actually starting to be the brave Exuro she was meant to be. Sorry, I just felt like I had to explain that because they story isn't very good...] 

☬ Top 5 Choices ☬

[So to be honest, I'm pretty busy this year because I'm a junior and I have a lot of stuff to do. So if I don't get Sadie, I probably won't be in the role-play, but here are my top 5 anyway)

1. Sadie Vanderville
2. Daphne Laurel
3. Piper Austen
4. Leah Lanely
5. Ethel McCulloch
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