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Hi Beauties. ♥

This set is dedicated to the lovely @xo-offtoneverl4nd 

>> Hey Deanna,
we haven't known
each other long, 
and we don't
talk as much
as I'd like us
to, but I think
you're an 
person and
your sets rock!
Stay Beautiful

R U L E S :
O1: Always post the rules.
O2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
O3: Tag 11 new people
I was tagged by @summerlove-sarah + multiple others. Gonna answer Sarah's Questions
1. Favorite musician / musical group
My favourite musicians are Carly Rae Jepsen, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift [I like her music not her.] My favourite bands are One Direction + Union J
2. Movie you most want to see
I want to see Monsters University so bad. ♥
I love Monsters Inc. 

3. Best childhood memory
I had a party with a magician when i was about four or five. I had a Tweenies cake with this weird glittery icing, and the magician was called Ziggy. He went and let me sister [who's older] blow at my candles instead of me. I cried. It was kind of sad memory but yeah. 

4. Name you wish you could have
Pearl or Arizona or Olivia

5. Best trait in the opposite gender
Makes me laugh + has an awesome personality

6. First word you think of

7. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

8. Current obsession

9. Guilty pleasure
Chocolate ;)

10. Beach or Mountains?

11. Books or Magazines?

my questions;;
1. Favourite Colour
2. What are you wearing?
3. History behind your username?
4. Favourite Song
5. Crush / celebrity and real
6. person you wish you could swap lives with
7. Last thing you ate
8. What you think of me
9. Favourite TV Shows
10. Last thing you bought

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