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I was marked by @phenixville (thanks for the tag ♥)
with his powerful set CL: http://www.polyvore.com/how_beautiful_is_this_life/set?id=115932591

1. Pick a song
2. Make one of the lines from that song the title of your set
3. use one item from this set
4. tag 10 more people (or more) and tell them to do the same
5. ask a random question (and answer mine too!)

Used item: The drawing of eyes

Music choice: EX - My Turn To Cry Lyrics

Question: who are your top 3 biases?
This is hard! OMG are only 3 TToTT
1 - Ravi (though it goes beyond the "bias")
2 - Jackson ♥
3 - Lay ♥

My question: Which group of the world of K-pop that you will be waiting a long time a 'comeback'?

Tag: @fashionista26 / @fearlesslyinlove / @chaerin-tbf / @supercnfinite / @fruitmachine / @mandylao / @pan-da-yoon143 / @wonderholic
(PS:I added the tag those who I think it has not yet participated, it has participated, no problem)
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