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Wrote one year ago
Beautiful style! Congrats on TS sweetie!

Wrote one year ago
Gorgeous dear. Congrats

Wrote one year ago
YAAAAAAAAY!! Congratulations!! Very deserving!!

Wrote one year ago
Amazing!!! Congrats dear!!!♡



Rock The Look

Rock The Look

This is a group for OUTFITS ONLY!!!! No backgrounds, props, magazine texts etc. Jewelry Accessories & Signatures are Welcomed!!! Please don't submit sets for marketing purposes only! There will be a new contest EVERY 3 DAYS!!
This is a place to let your creativity run free... just remember.. OUTFITS ONLY!! however some contests may specify "to add something else".
We try very hard to ensure everyone has an opportunity to win!! If you are looking for a mod that plays favorites, We are the wrong ones! We believe everyone deserves the chance to shine! So shine on my dear ones, shine on!! xx
Please Join My Other Groups Click on the link below:

IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT OUTFIT ONLY IS CLICK ON THIS LINK: http://www.polyvore.com/fashion_tutorial/set?id=138671567&lid=3409109
GROUP LOGO BY: @luckied99
Group guidelines are as follows:
1. Have Fun
2. Be creative and original
3. Do not submit sets containing nudity, violence, profanity or hateful speech of any kind.
4. Do not submit Full SETS. These sets can be submitted in our Full Set only group.
5.Please don't submit sets for marketing purposes only! Sets not meeting the outlined criteria will be rejected.
Support the campaign "BE ORIGINAL" do not copy sets or ideas of other members!

Fun & Fabulous

Fun & Fabulous

Welcome to Fun & Fabulous Fashion! Contests will run every week, have fun and good luck!

Triple the Fun!

Triple the Fun!

Triple the fun what do you think! I think, 3 days, 3 winners, 3 trophies! Sounds like a fun idea, who doesn't love trophies? Any and all sets are allowed, Art, Fashion, Home and Beauty! To also change it up and see different sets all the time your sets have to be no more than 14 days old when you submit! (when I judge the contest they will be 17 days old!) so your favorite set within a 2 week period are allowed. A Huge thanks to @valsal for starting this group for me!!! Xoxo

Simple But Never Plain

Simple But Never Plain

This group, Simple But Never Plain (SBNP) is for mature members. A group for those who love to make simple sets.
Welcome gladly accept those outfit only sets with the little extras like beauty items, and other fillers! Just keep it fairly simple. :)
FYI: What is a simple set? A simple set is a set that has some of the same features as a full set but on a more minimal scale. Less is more in this case, so no multiple picture collages but 1 or 2 pictures are okay. Text is fine too but also on the minimal side. I hope this makes sense my dears! Feel free to pm me with your questions!
We are looking for creative, active group members. If that's you; please join us! Please do not submit sets for marketing or advertising purposes! Please do not submit sets with profanity, nudity, or are of a hateful or hurtful nature! They will be rejected!
Please join the sister group to SBNP for your Organized sets or simple sets! ●☯ Carpe Diem ☯●
Adopted 12/27/14!
I have several very popular groups! Feel free to join one or all! Click here!

Moods: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=78703

Sayings & Style Stuff
Beautiful People of Color!

I Don't Do Fashion I Am Fashion:
My Style:

Beauty Inside, Gorgeous Outside: http://www.polyvore.com/beauty_inside_gorgeous_outside/group.show?id=145360

●☯ Carpe Diem ☯●

Cosmic Free Spirits:

Fashion My Way:


Every Girl's Dream:

Fashion Diva:

Home is Where the Heart is:

Dream Set:
The Best Polyvorians:

Make Fashion Easier:

Fabulous-Expressions: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=182101

Hooked On Style: http://www.polyvore.com/hooked_on_style/group.show?id=170896

Top Notch:
Polyvore at it's BEST: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=172179

Gowns Galore: http://www.polyvore.com/gowns_galore/group.show?id=168677


Simple Sets with 6 or less Items

Simple Sets with 6 or less Items

127 sets from 70 members. Ended one year ago.
Please enter your Favorite Simple, Outfit Only or Organized fashion sets featuring 6 or less items! Signatures are not included in the count! Old and new sets welcome!
As always be unique, be you and have fun creating!
2 sets, 1 week, and 12 places because you are all winners!
Simple but Never Plain contest

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