I am being perfectly fvcking civil.

If only we could all swear so eloquently.
"I’ll fvcking punch those bees. I’ll punch the sh!t out of those bees. I’ll punch a bee I don’t give a fvck."
Ronan Lynch makes me want to set myself on fire. Well, set him on fire first. Then myself. We can burn together.
I'll also probably do one for Gansey because I try so hard not to like his basic ass but here we are and I do (Blue makes me roll my eyes, Noah is my precious, Adam is... conflicting. I am almost entirely here for Ro and Dick only).
No spoilers, I'm only on Dream Thieves.
This is short because I am struggling but it is something, I have marked my territory and I may or may not return to it.


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I'm not gonna lie, those are stupid-looking covers. I hate this kind of stock model pictures instead of nice art. It kills my fancasting headcanons.
HAHA! What a subtle way of putting it right (and not even relevant since Blue doesn't care much for any of them until book 3).

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Ah yes! I mean, TDT made a good job of deepening Ronan but BL,LB was the best book so far. I liked Noah and Blue from the start, but the others grew and grew in my opinion and now I'm YA trash all. over. again.
(I literally learned English by sheer force of will because I couldn't wait for some sequels/the books didn't get enough love and were discontinued here/books here are WAY EXPENSIVE like R$47 - so paperbacks in english are my true love - then, yupp) (the first time I came across the expression 'give the hairy eye' I thought it was meant literally....... ....) (TRANSLATIONS ARE SO STUPID. Once upon a time the Vampire Academy book came to Brazil and they decided to change its name to "Shadow Kiss". Then, the third book was released and it's title was... Shadow Kiss. *looks at the camera*) (also I just checked and BL,LB came with exactly the same title in Portuguese except our adjectives do NOT work like that and it reads funny)
I'm trying to imagine Blue going on a feminist rage in French. I personally didn't like Ronan very much at the beginning, w/ his violent pose and stuff. But now I know he's actually the nerdest of them all, and very precious and awkward as goddamn and kind of adorable oh my god. (also Stiefvater confirmed more "Ronan/Adam action" in TRK and can she please stop torturing my trash baby w/ Straight Hetero Girl-Liking Dudes pls) AND KAVINSKY. God bless, he was such a mess.
I liked Adam before just as much as I liked Gansey (I have a particular dislike for all polo-wearing dudes alike) but he's much nicer now w/ Cabeswater I think. I just hate that he kind of pressured Blue into kissing him, ughh. AND I DIDDDDDDDDD, I DID, BUT THEN I THOUGH NOO HE WOULDN'T BE SO OBVIOUS, there must be a plot twist. The plot twist was actually twisting mine heart into the dirt, I see it now.
It's so funny that he's such a coward, like, he's literally dead, bless him omg
Make Persephone come back and be friends with him.

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OH and here are the dumb French edition covers
The great thing about this one is the front says 'IF SHE KISSES THE LOVE OF HER LIFE, HE DIES'. I always had to leave it facing down when I left it lying about.

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My opinions on all of them have changed since I finished Blue Lily, Lily Blue (#savegansey) but from the start it was Ronan I was most enraptured with.
I somewhat get the sense, though this might be because I read them in French (except BL,LB because not out in French yet I don't think) (do you do that too?? read popular books in your native language first and then read them in English which they were originally written in and be like, 'well, everything is different'?) (the French versions are honestly kind of laughable, we were the only people to get a different title entirely, while most were translated as The Raven Boys or whatever, ours was translated as The Prophecy of Glendower which sounds so much less fun, not to mention the covers, which I will show you at the end)—
Oh my god that was a long aside let me start over.
I got the sense Ronan was supposed to be our least favourite Raven Boy, though this might be because every character in a French novel, even the translated ones, is insufferable, see my irritation with Blue for a good example. But everyone really liked him anyway and Maggie started to love him as she wrote him so all these endearing and adorable things started coming to light.
I love Noah !! A lot of people don't like it when I say this, but Adam is kind of meh to me. I mean, I like him, but he feels like a lot of the same tropes I've seen in other books, you know, the boy the girl tries to like but can't because she likes his friend, ambiguously not-straight, the scholarship kid from an abused home... I just can't get into him like I can the others in the squad.

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(I came back just to amend: but Noah is my favoritest glitter-loving undead baby
he deserves all the glitter in the world, and also not being fvcking dead, and I would let him listen to his squash meme song all day long)

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what. WHAT. I DIDN'T SEE THIS BEFORE or I saw and didn't care for it since I wasn't reading TRC uh.
Ronan is so weird. He's like, super tough and will get into fights and have gruesome nightmares and stuff, and then he's cuddling tiny mice and tHROWING NOAH OUT A WINDOW FOR THE LOLS and is a meme lover.
I love him possibly

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This. All of this. True story.

Wrote one year ago
this collection is a thing of beauty *-*

Wrote one year ago
Thanks, that's a really helpful review! ;)
Actually it sounds like a nice, easy read for when the new semester starts and I won't be able to concentrate on anything complex/ won't have time next to all the regular reading I'll have to do.
(I did that with the Rivers of London series recently nd it was perfect for that ^^)

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It's a nice recreational read? I think that's how to say it. I've only read the first book, I did it in a day with minimal skipping (I skip a lot of parts in YA so I can actually finish things so not skipping is a sign of goodness) and I'm still thinking about it so that's an indication of its power. It's an ill-covered subject (WELSH MYTHS!!!!) so it feels new (while still recycling old tropes that do wear a little but not a lot) and you care about the characters and their dumb lives and I think that sums it up.
Also, the best twist you knew was coming and didn't at the same time like, ever.
I'd read it, but don't expect it to shatter your life or anything like that! Yeah. That's my review. They're my boys so let me know if you pick it up!!

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I'm seeing some, let's call it, enthusiastism over the Raven Cycle from various networks lately. Sooooooo... is this a thing you would recommend for reading? ;)

Wrote one year ago
between u and @clarkegriffin i really want to read the raven cycle thank u v much
also this collection is hella rad


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