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As I was walking down the busy street filled with people and their hectic lives, the honks of the cars and the sound of the car accelerating beside me. I was going from building to building, personally sending in my resume to be more sincere and hopefully getting the job. I had to juggle a cup of coffee in one hand and my files of sketches in the other and not to mention my bag swinging happily on my side. People say life in New York isn’t as glamorous as it seems but I’m not complaining. I’ve been here long enough to blend into the atmosphere without a hassle. I was still mourning over the fact that the dinner with William the other night was canceled as he had a sudden meeting with a client and my uncle and I had to go without him. I don’t even know when I will be seeing him again…
But I have serious business to attend to. Since I’ve dropped off my resumes to the required building for the day, I had one last building to go for an interview; GQ. GQ is a men’s magazine I know but they wanted me to try out for one of the fashion seats which I’m more than welcome to. Besides, I’m sure there are plenty of female workers in GQ. Not that I’m complaining if I’ll be the future one and only female working for GQ. The building isn’t far away and I have 20 minutes to spare to reach.
Today was also a windy day and it’s also a day that I chose to let my hair down so now my hair is sort of being my mask. I had to flip my head back a few times just to get the hair out of the way and I probably looked like some retard on the street.
I decided to stop to put everything down and to tie up my hair when someone bumped me from behind, causing my coffee to dropped onto the ground along with my files. A few sheets of my sketches flew with the wind. F.ck, those are my precious collections, hard work of a few days combined.
“I’m really sorry,” the person said and went to fetch my sketches which didn’t flew too far. All I could see was his back and he was a really tall man. I knelt down to pick up my files and the now empty coffee cup that was supposed to be my boosting drink. A few seconds later as I stood up, the guy came back. “I’m so sorry, I hope I got all your papers back,” he said with an apologetic face.
I took the papers over and counted them. “Yup, it’s all here.”
“Why did you stopped?” he asked as I was shuffling my files.
“Excuse me?” I looked up at him and again I see another charming looking guy in front of me.
He raised his thick eyebrow at me before shaking his head lightly with a crooked smile. He has such sharp jawline. “I mean why did you stop walking suddenly? I was so busy on the phone I didn’t even realize until I looked straight ahead.”
“Oh I’m sorry,” I said and giggled. It was weird since I rarely giggle. “My hair was all over my face so I had to stop or I might hit a poll.”
He chuckled in a way that it sounded like bells in your head and took a few of my files for me which I let him anyway. “Well at least all I can do is to buy you another coffee?”
I looked at the clock behind him and shook my head. I only had 10 more minutes. “I would love to but I’m actually in a rush.”
Just then, my phone vibrated so I took it out to check the message. It was from GQ and apparently they said I was 5 minutes late and they will not see me anymore. What the- I’m still early! This is ridiculous.
I sighed loudly. “I guess I’m not anymore,” I told him, putting my phone into the bag.
“Did something happen?” he asked, sounding worry.
I looked up to see his emerald eyes staring back at me and my breath hitched. Those were the most beautiful pair of eyes I’ve ever seen. He almost made me thought that William never existed. I shook my head. “I was supposed to attend an interview but it’s canceled because they said I’m late.”
“I’m so sorry, it’s my fault that you-“
“No it’s not your fault. They messed up the time,” I replied, cutting him off. 
He nodded understandingly, returning my files. “But I still owe you a coffee,” he said and smiled a charming smile.
“Right,” I said, hugging my files. “I know a good coffee shop around the corner two blocks down.”
“Is it expensive?”
I laughed. “No, the price is pretty decent but the quality you get is so good. So don’t worry,” I said as we started walking. “Do you work around here?”
“Yup. Just at that building a block away from where we came from. It’s a law firm,” he replied.
“You’re a lawyer?”
He smirked. “Not quite yet. I’m an apprentice as I just graduated from law school a year and a half ago.”
“It must be some tough job,” I mumbled as the wind blew my fringe to my face. He stretched his hand out to smoothen out my fringe and tuck them behind my ear since my hands were occupied. I swallowed thickly. “Uhm thanks.”
“No problem,” he said simply before smacking his forehead softly. “How rude of me, I’m Ryan.”
I laughed as we forgot to introduce ourselves. “I can say the same about myself. Harper Everdeen.”
“Nice to meet you, Harper,” he said and smiled his gorgeous smile again. “Even though it wasn’t in the best circumstances.”
“No worries,” I told him as we reached the coffee shop.
He pointed his thumb at the shop. “Is it this one?” I nodded as he opened the door for the both of us. I smiled politely in return.
The smell of coffee beans came rushing into my nose and I instantly felt recharged and ready to sketch a few more pieces of clothes.
“The smell is wonderful,” Ryan said, picking a table for the two of us.
I sat down. “I know right. It’s my favorite spot for my daily dose of coffee. Or if I’m busy I’ll get the beans home and brew them myself.”
“You must have some really good taste.”
I blushed. “It’s alright.” It was Caleb who influenced me into drinking coffee and I never looked back since.
The waiter came and we made our orders respectively.
“So Harper, what do you do?” Ryan asked as soon as the waiter walked away.
I crossed my legs. “I’m still looking for a job..”
“Which field?”
“Fashion design or just fashion for now since I have to start from the beginning,” I replied. It’s frustrating sometimes that there are still no jobs available for me. Either someone got to it first or they just have enough people for the moment.
He folded his arms on the table. “That must be tough,” he said.
“It is.” I propped my elbow on the table and cupped the side of my face. “I bet you don’t have that problem.”
He shook his head. “Well, I got an offer to the firm I’m at now even before I graduated. A lot of law students get that as many law firms need apprentices.”
“At least you have a job and you’re getting paid for it,” I told him. Sometimes I feel so bad that Caleb is paying 70% of the rent and he’s not even a graduate yet, well almost, this coming summer.
“True,” he said. “But don’t rush into things. Look for a job you really like and stick to it. There’s no point in doing something that you don’t like.”
I nodded in agreement. “Is law what you want?”
“To be honest, not really. My parents wanted me to so I gave it a try but as I went through it I started to like it more. I won’t say that I regret taking up law.”
Our drinks came and I quickly took a huge sip of it, feeling so relaxed after having it in my system. Ryan chuckled as I continued to drink at least half of my coffee like I haven’t been eating for days. What can I say, I’m a coffee addict.
“What’s your full name Ryan?” I asked and placed my cup down.
He pushed his cup aside and leaned forward, smiling as if he was really proud of his name. “Ryan Hawthorne.”
“Well Ryan Hawthorne,” I started. “It’s really nice meeting you and I kind of like you so I can see us being good friends in the future.”
He laughed out loud, causing a few heads to turn in the shop. “You’re really funny, do you know that?”
“And so I’ve been told,” I said with a smirk before continuing on my coffee.
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