I was tagged by @lizasamoylova in her beautiful set http://www.polyvore.com/as_sly_as_fox_strong/set?id=71128512

So this is the survey:
1. Full name:Biljana Milenkovic
2. 3 fears:
Darkness,bad people and snakes 
3. 4 turn on's
4. 4 turn offs:
5. My best friend
Milica,she's from Serbia too!
6. How tall I am
1,65 m
7. What time I was born
4th of November at 6:00 o'clock 
8. favourite colour
9. Favourite quote
Ahh,I have a lot of them but here's one:
You and me....three meters above the sky
10. Favourite food:
11. What I am listening to right now:
Leona Lewis-I will be
12. eye colour:
Dark brown
13. Hair colour
Dark brown
14. Favourite song
Well I can't decide on one :D 
Leona Lewis-Run,I will be
Kelly Clarkson-Hazel eyes,Because of you
Celine Dion-Power of love,My hear will go on
and a lot of them
15. My nicknames:
I have just one nickname-Bilja(short version of my full name)
16. Favourite animal:
17. My favourite ice-cream
18. Describe your first kiss:
Didn't happened,yet!

I tag: @biljana-miric-ex-tomic @milla-starinac @barbarela11 @milladeyn @voguevictim @lara-medic @bklana @katarina-kaja @karineminzonwilson and everyone who wants to do this tag :D
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