"Please? I'm hungry," Niall pouted. He had been begging you for the past hour and a half to go with him to the market. You would have gone except for the fact that it was almost four in the morning and you were already in bed. 
"Can't you wait until tomorrow?" You tried to convince him, but he was stubborn. After a while you finally gave in.
"Fine," you sighed, getting out of your warm blanket. You headed towards your closet and pulled out your favorite red flannel jacket. 
"Yay!" Niall cheered slipping on his shoes. You chuckled at his silliness before putting on your new UGGS; Niall had gotten them for you as a random present. 
"You know you're old enough, can't you go by yourself?" you grumble as you walk past him. He smiled widely.
"But I wanna go with YOU," he said cheekily before pecking you on the lips. The two of you headed to the car so you could get to the grocery store, on the way you checked yourself in a random window and saw your hair was a total mess. Luckily, you had brought hair ties and quickly braided and threw your hair into a ponytail. Niall got into the driver's side and you into the passenger's side. The drive there was quiet, making you even more sleepier.
"We're here!" Niall grinned as he parked the car and go out. You followed, half asleep. 
"Come on (Y/N)," Niall shouted, causing the few people there to look at him. You groaned in response as you fought to keep your eyes open. 'I should've just stayed home,' you thought to yourself. 
"Are you tired?" Niall asked.
"You made me go out and it's 4 in the morning, of course I'm tired," you spat, your grouchiness getting the better of you. He wrapped him arms around you, pulling you to his side. You laid your head against his chest and followed his lead, closing your eyes. He held you the whole time you were at the market, letting you keep your eyes closed as he guided you through out the store. He told you to open your eyes and when you opened them you were shocked. The boy had almost ten bags in a shopping cart he had pushing with one hand.
"Niall!" You said in disbelief before bursting into a fit of laughter. 
"Well that woke you up," he laughed. 
"You eat to much," you smiled. 
"At least I'm not doing something illegal," he reasoned, putting away the last of the bags into the trunk.
"True," you said, getting back into the car. The car ride home was filled with small talk and few jokes here and there. When you pulled up to your flat, you helped carry in all the bags and set them in the kitchen; where you began to put away everything. Niall had bought almost everything delicious you could think of; ramen noodles, Oreos, pudding cups, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate milk, coca cola and lots more. 
"You ready to eat?" Niall asked, entering the kitchen and kicking off his shoes.
"Yeah!" You grinned, opening the pack of Oreos. That was how you spent the rest of the night, eating and laughing until you both dozed off to sleep. 
The next morning, you and Niall had made the front cover of a magazine.
Under the bold headline as picture of Niall guiding you through the store, you close to his side.
He chuckled as he stole the paper out of your hands. 
"They're so sneaky," he smiled, shaking his head. 

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