// I Am A HEart - Hey Ocean

They're playing in DC tonight and I can't go :( They inspired this set... I hope I get to see them at some point they're BRILLIANT. 

Scheduling starts today... I'm so nervous. Because I'm taking two languages (Spanish and Latin) I already have six courses I have to take (Spanish, Latin, History, Bio, Pre Calc, English) and there's so many options for what could actually fill that seventh spot. I'm going to take morning choir so that's not a period and I'm doing theatre after school but I could fill that spot with electives or I could do a second science course. I WANT to do AP Chem for the seventh class but my head of school said that that schedule would overload me (or anyone, really) and she's not going to allow me to schedule that. And I want to take an online Psychology AP but that requires at least one free and 8-10 hours a week so she's hesitant to let me schedule that either, and I couldn't take any second science course. What's the point of an online class if you have to take it during the school day?

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