- How Soon Is Now // The Smiths

Serena Daniels; Collab with @chrissykinz

"I can't believe your sister." I pouted at Laykn as we stood on the fringe of some nasty indie concert thing. Theo had dragged me here and ditched me and now I was stuck with this grumpy pant.

 "I can't believe you she dragged you here." He shook his head. Like he thought I was a spoiled princess who’d never been to a concert. I so had, just I generally liked things less gross and nasty.

"It was under duress trust me." I sighed, running a hand through my hair which was especially silky and awesome today "This place is even worse than that hell hole of a club you work at." That was true

 "Well i'm not going to keep you here because i am kind so feel free to go." He said smugly.

 "I would but Theo bought me here." I glared at him with death glare of doom "And I am not going on public transport Laykn. Do you know what kinda disease ridden people use that?" Really gross diseased people.

 He let out a long suffering sigh. Like I was the one hard to deal with. "Okay i am going to ignore that comment because its dumb and ask why you can't just get your personal limo driver to get you or something?" His ignorance was showing.

“A Limo? Really Laykn?” I asked with a sigh and a flip of my hair, “What do you think I am? Tacky European royalty or something?”

“Sorry, my mistake.” He said dryer than dry stuff, “You’re not nearly regal enough.”

 “Fuck you.” I muttered. Which was totally a dirty word but way appropriate in this case.

 Though you are precocious enough.” He added as if he hadn’t heard me, “Princess.” He added teasingly. 

 “Stop being mean.” I whined with a pout. A very sexy pout though.

 “You can leave.” He pointed out, eyebrow cocked.

 “No never.” I said, in a moment of panic grabbing his arm to prevent him from leaving me, not that he would. I was too hot “Don’t leave me alone here Laykn.”
"Are you scared?" He said, and he was so totally mocking me, which wasn’t nice. 

 "Of course I am." I cried, because this place was so nasty it hurt "Look at these people Laykn , they are terrifying." I glanced around and hated what I saw. Hated all of it, everyone and everything thing "And dirty." I nodded in the general direction of this girl with terrible pink dreadlocks just to prove my point.

"And you think I could keep you safe?" He asked like he didn’t believe me. Well he was good for something.

 "Yes! Your like a double agent you can translate them but your pretty much normal." I nodded wisely "Well as normal as someone named Laykn can get."
 “What’ wrong with my name?” He asked me looking kind of bemused actually. Cute.

 “Laykn is like the biggest hippy name ever.” I told him, because like duh, “Like Laykn’s should smoke weed and ride skateboards and wear baggy sweaters and sing acoustic versions of MGMT songs.”

Is that so?” He asked looking extremely amused. He was so weird, “Would you like me to start doing all those things.”

 My nose wrinkled in distaste at the thought, “Oh god no.” I shook my head emphatically, “Then I could never be seen with you ever. In public or private.”

 “Oh no,” he said sarcastically, “I can’t think of a worse thing to happen to me than never seeing you again.”

 “What have I told you about sarcasm Lakyn?” I scolded, pointing my finger at him to emphasise my point.

"What have I told you about leaving?" He cooed, like those stupid pet owners "Also Serena is a dumb name." He added. I scoffed at that because totally irrelevant and a terrible insult anyway.

 "My name isn't dumb, you just can't handle the truth and we have already discussed this" I said because was he stupid. I bet he was like legally stupid “I am not leaving." I added, in case he didn’t realize.

 "Well I have proof it is,” He nodded faux wisely, and I was totally caught of guard by what came out of his mouth next “Gossip Girl." If I a was less composed individually my jaw would be on the floor. He watched Gossip girl?!?! "You share the name of the ditzy blonde girl with the legs. Oddly you and the character a very a like." 

 "Obviously your the stupid one if you watch shows like that." I scolded. Even I didn’t watch that crap.

 “I have a sister you know.” He said, like that justified everything. Really it justified absolutely nothing.

 “And I have a brother, if we’re discussing inconsequential things.” I flipped my hair over my shoulder, “He watches boring documentaries and I don’t.”

“No, you would never watch a documentary would you?” He cooed at me in the stupid, brainless baby voice again.

 “Of course not, it’s boring and yucky.” I shuddered at the mere thought of having to sit through a documentary, “but the point is you have no excuse to be watching gossip girl.” I pointed at him again, he opened his mouth to speak when I cut him off, “And don’t think I didn’t notice you basically admitting you noticed my amazing legs.”

"Oh sweetie,” What self respecting straight guy said sweetie? “when said I saw similarities I was talking about the ditzy part." He smirked, like it would bother me. "Your legs are about 7 out of 10." I knew he was lying, why would he even mention her legs if he wasn’t drawing comparisons

 "7 out 10. Are you kidding me you know they are an eleven." I said instead, stomping my foot to prove my damn point. It was a super valid point.

 "You believe what ever you want."

“I know that my legs are an eleven.” I leant forward towards him with another frown, “I know I am incredibly hot.”

 “Says who?” He snorted “Says everyone,” I leant backwards because eww close proximity to Laykn was eww, “You don’t have to hide your attraction to me Laykn.” I nodded wisely, 

 “My attraction to you?” He asked sceptically. Poor boy was in denial, how cute. 

“Yes. It’s a common reaction people have to me.” I shrugged, because what could you do, “But instead of focusing on your sexual repression we should instead get back to the more pressing question of, why you watch Gossip Girl.”

"I get the feeling you want me to be in love with you." He said with a shake of his head. Denial. He was so much in denial “Not going to happen by the way." Super denial. I didn’t get the chance to tell him that however because he continued talking. "And the reason I have seen gossip girl is the woman in my life." He said, looking all sad all of a sudden "Or was in my life." 

"Right and that explains why you remember characters name. Or was it because she was named Serena?" I asked with a cocky smile, trying to make him no sad also, “It’s like your always thinking of me.”

“I’m curious” he said, like he was leading up to some complicated insult that would fall flat, “Are you really honestly this self absorbed?”

“I’m not self absorbed.” Which okay was a little bit of a lie but I was so entitled to be self absorbed, “I just recognise how amazing I am.”

“I see.” He had no comeback for that one, which meant I won.

“Plus modesty is just a pointless lie.” I shrugged, because modesty was really just lying most of the time. People didn’t do things they were going to fail at, at least not often, “So I’d rather be honest and self absorbed” I said, complete with air quotation, “Than a liar who pretended I didn’t know how awesome I was.”

"And what about people who don't think your awesome?" he asked curiously, like he thought there were people out there who knew me who didn’t find me awesome. As if. "They don't exist. Everyone knows I am awesome. There is literally no need to think about that."

 "I don't think your awesome at all." He said bluntly.

 "Keep telling yourself that." I singsonged. He was drowning in so much denial I was surprised he was alive

 "I will when I go in there." He pointed to mosh pit. "Without you." He wouldn’t dare! Would he?

“No you won’t.” I said more confidently then I felt. I didn’t know that. In fact I expected her would, just to be a dick.

“Watch me.” He turned and started that way so I panicked at the thought of being left alone.

I completely panicked and grabbed his wrist, “Don’t leave me.” I said more needily than I will ever admit to sounding.

He looked back at me – and the hand on his wrist – in total shock. I wasn’t going to apologise or take it back now though. It was too late for that.

"You really don't want to be left here do you?" He said voice filled with realisation. I bet he hadn’t even been listening to me. At least he sounded like he wouldn’t leave me now.

 "I have been saying that to you if you hadn't noticed." I said through gritted teeth, stepping away from him now I knew he wouldn’t ditch me. I don’t think.

 "Fine. Just don’t... “ he started to say before cutting, himself off “oh why bother you'll do it anyway." Which was so mean. I never did things people didn’t want me to. Unless I wanted to do it, then I would do it anyway.

Ok so maybe he had a point but he wasn’t going to leave me which was nice. Maybe Laykn was kinda awesome, though I would never tell him that.

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Wrote 4 years ago
haha I know right he doesn't have many :(( YES DO ITTTT
look: http://www.polyvore.com/fresh_face_mikus_lasmanis/collection?id=1200480

Wrote 4 years ago
@luxecouture He's a super cutie! [though he needs more pictures] I guess I should like thank you and kinda bow down at your knees?

Wrote 4 years ago


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