I am just a poor boy 
Though my story's seldom told 
I have squandered my resistance 
For a pocket full of mumbles such are promises 
All lies and jests 
Still a man hears what he wants to hear 
And disregards the rest 

When I left my home and my family 
I was no more than a boy 
In the company of strangers 
In the quiet of the railway station running scared 
Laying low, seeking out the poorer quarters 
Where the ragged people go 
Looking for the places only they would know 

Lie la lie ... 

Asking only workman's wages 
I come looking for a job 
But I get no offers, 
Just a come-on from the whores on Seventh Avenue 
I do declare, there were times when I was so lonesome 
I took some comfort there 

Lie la lie ... 

Then I'm laying out my winter clothes 
And wishing I was gone 
Going home 
Where the New York City winters aren't bleeding me 
Bleeding me, going home 

In the clearing stands a boxer 
And a fighter by his trade 
And he carries the reminders 
Of ev'ry glove that layed him down 
Or cut him till he cried out 
In his anger and his shame 
"I am leaving, I am leaving" 
But the fighter still remains 

The Boxer // Mumford & Sons (Cover of Simon and Garfunkel)

(I'm not a poor boy, btw, I'm a girl lol)

I love both versions of that song.

So it's okay guys, Stormy and Kayleigh still have 1st lunch. They just had a golf match yesterday.

Nothing really happened today.

I made those brownies for bio and everyone loved them. They were eaten in like, 12 seconds. It was great.

Umm...I can't really think of anything that stands out to me.


So me and this girl Aubrey were talking and her uncle knows my dad. They used to be best friends and her uncle gave Aubrey a picture of my dad to give to me.

He was like, 15, so it was ih the late 70's the picture was taken. 

Him and my dad played a prank on his parents. Her uncle lived in this house with a a basement and there was a window in it that could open and close.

So they pretended my dad was skateboarding and fell into the window and got all scratched up. They put fake blood and everything on it.

It's real funny because my dad had long blonde hair like I do, only his is uber blonde. It's like Rapunzel, when he cut it, it got darker. Not it's dark dark dark brown, almost black (with some old gray hairs haha).

I thought that was cool. I can't wait till my dad gets home from work and I can show him. He'll think it's funny.

Hmm what else?

Today wasn't exciting I guess, I hope sometime this week we can go to the library and I can get Looking For Alaska.

In English our teacher wasn't here, so we watched Avatar (with the blue people). I really don't like that movie, but the graphics and special effects are amazing. 

I think the Na'vi world looks like what the ocean would look like without water lol. What's it called, Pandora? I think it is.


I really like these new sets I'm making, I think they're interesting and original. Tell me what you think!

I'm gonna go now. Make sure you PM me, I love love love talking to new people! I love you all!

Okay, bye!
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