Yeesssss finally an Arielle set! Arriving at the Capitol. The story and tag will be up in just a bit, but I hope you enjoy this! It's supposed to be all ostentatious to mirror the Capitol, but still watery like Arielle's home. I hope it succeeded and didn't end up looking like a frilly blue poop. :)
As requested: @lilyracheled
For once I could relate to Will. Once, I tell you. Never more. NEVER more.

His mouth was hanging open the way only primitive life forms were capable, and his eyes were big and unblinking. He rather reminded me of a fish ready to be gutted. But then I really couldn't blame him.

The Capitol. The place you see too much of on the telly, and hope will just one day disintergrate and leave us all the hell alone. That Capitol I nearly felt bad for wishing its demolition now.

Its glittering turrets and swirling arcitecture were almost dazzling enough to make a lasting impression on my retinas. Literally. I sheilded my poor eyes from their shining. This place made the shimmering shores of my home look like the back end of a fish.

Again with the fish...I just can't escape, can I? My brain seemed to have started making up for the lack of fish with aquatic metaphors. Good god...
''So kiddy winks,'' Theodore chirped, slamming a hand down on our shoulders and making me wince. ''Welcome to the greatest place on Earth!''

I was sure that was a theme park, but I said nothing.

''The Capitol! Better get used to it, 'cos this is the vague area your corpses get dumped after the games.''

There was a strange snorting sound, like a pig gasping for air. Will and Theodor turned to me, looking a touch concerned. The noise stoppped. Only then did I realise I had been laughing.

''You laugh funny,'' Will informed me.

''I'm more surprised she laughs at all,'' our mentor said dryly.

I glared, hiding my amusment. ''They say there's a.first time for everything,'' I snapped. 

The other two just smiled.

Although I really hated to admit it, and would rather spend the rest of my short and miserable existance talking to Will than tell anyone, I actuaally didn't mind our mentor. There was something about his grim sense of humour that completely contrasted his metrosexual-rogue-of-tthe-seven-seas exterior..

Will, not so much.

Will I could behead in the arena without batting an eyelid.

''Right.'' Theodore clapped his hands and pushed us both on to the platform. ''Let's put you some silly fancy dress and parade you around in a chariot. Because that's what friendship if all about.''

''Who said anything about friendship?'' I demanded.

He shrugged. ''No one. I just thought your rabid pig-snorts meant you were happy.''

''Well hows about we let my rabid fist-to-your-face tell you otherwise.''

Theodore decided to chuckle and leave it. Clever man.

I considered that thought. Clever man. Well I blooming well hope so. He was the only thing standing between us, and gory death in the arena.
 flaming clever man indeed.I hoped he was a v

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