Ugh...its kind of long and...idk...i hope you will read it, enjoy it and say something xD

February 14.

As I woke up in the morning I already knew I was late. I sat up quickly and called out Jieun's name. But I didn't get any respond. I looked toward her bed and it was empty. 
- Where is this silly girl? - I mumbled as I rushed to the bathroom and back to our room.

When I left the dorm and ran toward the school building I noticed a boy with a box in his hand. I didn't pay too much attention to him as I passed by but I stopped when he called out my name.

- Are you Park Hyomin? - he looked at me when I turned to him.
- Yes, and you?
- This is yours – he gave me the box and was about to walk away.
- Wait! - I shouted. - What is it? And from who?
- I don't know – he shrugged his shoulder. - I was only ordered to delivery. Bye! - he bowed slightly then got on his motorbike.

I puffed my cheeks as I was watching the box. There was no name or any tag so I really had no idea what was it. 

- Yah! Park Hyomin! The class already started! - I heard Cha's voice and looked up. He was in the window with a cigarette in his hand.
- Sh*t – I murmured as I rushed into the building.

When the class finally ended I picked up the box from the floor and stared it.
- What is it? - Hyewon came closer with her chair and looked curiously the present.
- Dunno – I said.
- Maybe you should open it – she giggled.
- Maybe – I repeated. 

I had no idea why I hesitated to open it. Okay, I had an idea. Because I was expecting one person who sent it to me...but I didn't want to be disappointed. 

I sighed and gave up. There was no need to waste more time. I ripped the paper and took off the top of the box. It was full with candies and chocolates. I smiled. This time I was really sure who sent it to me.

I spotted a little letter under the sweets so I took it out and opened it. 

“Happy Valentine's Day Kitten! 
I know girls should send sweets to the boys but I couldn't help...I had to send them to you! If you look carefully inside the box or you quickly eat them you could find something there :)
I hope you will like it! 

I really miss you! I hope I can go back soon and see you...”

I felt my heart started to beat faster and tears formed in my eyes. I really hated being so weak! And when I read the PS I just couldn't hold back my tears anymore.

“PS: Sorry for being such a terrible boyfriend...you deserve so much better. But I'll love you forever!”

- Eonnie? - Hyewon shook my shoulder carefully. - Are you okay? What happened?
- Nothing – I forced a smile on my face and wiped my tears away. - I am just a bit emotional – I chuckled.

I really didn't mean to lie to Hyewon but she didn't know about him. There was only two person who know about my “secret relationship”. Jieun who was my friend for ages and Minha who was always really good at seeing through me. 

And even I trusted in the girls around me I just couldn't tell them about him. He was already famous and if anybody finds about us...it would be a big problem.

As I walked back to the dorm I decided to find Ji Eun finally but I didn't have to go far. She was kneeling on the floor, trying to remove used gums from here and there. I felt pity for her! It was disgusting!

- You'll get you price for this Cinderella – I smiled at her. - I'll help to get ready.
- Thanks – she looked up at me. - What is it in your hand?
- Present from “youknowwho” - I said a bit sadly.
Oh! - I knew she wanted to say something but it was difficult. Words couldn't really comfort me in that situation.
- I am going now if you don't mind. I'll wait for you in our room – I patted her head and walked away.

As I was alone in our room – the other girls still had classes – I put the box on my bed and dug into it. My fingers touched something like velvet so I grabbed it and took it out. It was a thin and long box covered by black velvet. I carefully opened it and my mouth fell opened. There was a beautiful gold necklace with a phoenix pendant on it. It was amazing! I took it out and put on it. I loved it even I felt really sad.

JiEun appeared in our room like an hour before the party a bit exhausted. While she went to take a shower the other girls also appeared so we could get ready to the party together. I was not really in the mood for this whole thing but I knew the JiHye eonni worked hard and I also knew the girls would need me just in case if they stay alone for the night. But I didn't mind, sometimes I liked being a chaperone to the girls. And also...I needed loud music in my ears just to not hear my own thoughts. I really needed it!

When we stepped in the room I suddenly felt a bit under-dressed. Most of the girls wore something really pretty and girly while I was there wearing a black leggings – decorated by Minha – ,a longer white blouse and a pair of high heeled boots. But I didn't mind actually because I was not there to get any boy, even I was sure that Chansung was somewhere in the room looking for me. He already sent like four messages to me during the day to meet here. His messages were cute but I was too confused to answer back. 

- Finally I found you! - I felt hot breath near my ears.
- Were you looking for me? - I said a bit seductively and I really didn't know why. It just left my mouth without thinking.
- Uhmm...yes – he gulped. - You were rejecting me whole day, I just hoped you would come.
- Well, I am here – I finally turned toward him and smiled. 
- Want to dance? - he reached out his hand and looked at me like a puppy. 

I turned to the girls who were too busy chatting and looking for their “boys” so I just put down my clutch on the table and followed Chansung to the dance floor.

Most of the songs were fast but of course it was a Valentine's Day party so they quickly put on some slow song to get the couples close to each other. 

Chansung put his arms around my waist and pulled closer to himself and I didn't resist. Actually I enjoyed being so close to him, it was a long time ago that I could get close to somebody like this. As we slowly stepped left and right with the music I leaned my head on Chansung's chest and closed my eyes. He smelt really good and I could hear his heartbeat fastened. This and the music in my ears helped me a lot to clear my head and I was glad. I could finally enjoy the situation without that little angel in my head. I didn't want to listen her: she was not right. She couldn't understand how desperate I was to being loved. 

The music switched to something faster but I refused to move with it. It was too comfortable! I slowly lifted my head and spotted Jieun who was waving to me. It was not that “hello, do you have fun?” wave. She lifted up my phone and pointed at it with a weird expression on her face. I just shook my head, I didn't want to go there but she didn't give up. I sighed and left Chansung.

- What is it? - I asked trying to be loud enough.
- Somebody was calling you – she handed to me my phone and I checked the missed calls list. 
It was him. I just bit down on my lower lip and was about to put it back in my bag when it started to ring again. I took a deep breath and tried to left the room really quickly. When I was already outside I wandered around on the corridor until I found the best place to hide myself just in case.

I lifted the phone to my ear and received the call.

- Hyomin-ah! Annyeong! - I heard his cheerful voice from the other side of the line.
- Oppa – I tried to control my voice so it came out rather steady.
- Did you get my present? - he asked excited.
- Yes, thank you! I really love it! - my free hand automatically wrapped around the pendant.
- And how have you been? Its been like two weeks since I've heard your voice. I am sorry for not calling you.
- Its okay, oppa. I know you are busy Dad likes to inform me about it. And I am doing well, don't worry about me! What about you and the boys? Is everything okay? - I asked back quickly, I didn't want to talk because I already felt my voice was shaking.
- We have really tight schedule here but everybody is okay. I just miss you so much! I hope I can go back to Korea soon...I want to pull you in a tight embrace and never let you go!
- Oppa – I chuckled between my tears.
- Do you want to hear a song? - he asked, this time his voice was not that cheerful.
- Yes – I whispered.

“I still miss you so much
Again, I miss you so much
Though I cast myself aside, though I shed tears, I only have you
Even though I know I shouldn't, I keep thinking of your face
I try to forget you, I try to erase you but...”

I couldn't control myself anymore, I slid down leaning against the wall and cried so badly. The song...the lyrics...it was like he could see through you and he knew what was in your mind. Like he knew you want to let him go, to leave your life because you can't bear the pain anymore. And it hurt. It hurt so bad because you wanted to keep these thoughts to yourself, at least until he come back and you could meet. You didn't want to do this on phone. You could have already talked about it but you didn't want it. It didn't feel right while he was so far away...

As the end of the song was almost there I could hear his voice became shaky and he struggled to finish it without crying. I knew him too well, we were together for like three years already and we were friends since my 14th birthday...

- Oppa – I hiccuped. - I am so sorry...
- Its okay – he tried to sound happy but his voice was hoarse and you could hear a hint of sadness. - We'll meet soon, okay?
- Okay – I nodded. 
- I love you.
- I love you too.

I hung up and dropped the phone beside me. I tried to wipe away my tears but they formed in my eyes again and again. Suddenly I heard footsteps really close to me and Chansung appeared in front of me. I looked up and saw his face a bit blurry. He looked hurt and sad for a moment...I guessed he heard everything and as he was not stupid he could figure out the situation. But instead of leaving me there alone or saying something he knelt down and pulled me in an embrace. His hands moved on my hair and back, stroking them. It was so calming but I couldn't help just cry.

I felt bad because even I was hurt in a few minutes I hurt two people too. It was not right...


Lame? Maybe...
So I used Soohyun as he is in U-kiss and they are in Japan (which is real xD lol). And actually Hyomin's dad works with the boys as an organizer. Lame? Yep xD

And here is the song what he sang:

Actually I realized that Hyomin must look like a bi*tch because she has a boyfriend yet there is Chansung...but she is just confused :)
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Omo! Write more eonni! :D

Wrote 5 years ago
Oh! It's getting complicated! I like this kind of stories.

Wrote 5 years ago
amazing!! now you must quickly write next story, I'm so excited about this triangle!

Wrote 5 years ago
Unnie's keeping secrets from ME?!?!? :P
And your story isn't lame! It was great! ^^



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