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Wallet - Furla
Phone Case - Kenzo

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November 21, 2013

Song of the day: White Teeth Teens - Lorde

This week has been really great. I've finished my work before midnight every single day of this week which is really insane. And why I've had time to go on Polyvore recently. So that's good, right?! 

Excuse the triviality of the following three blog posts, but I was just on and had to react...
1) Harry Styles + Kendall Jenner? Whaaaat?!
2) But, Adam Brody + Leighton Meester = cool 
3) And did anyone else hear rumors that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are back together? That makes the Notebook fangirl in me swoon. 

Alright. Moving on from silly celebrities...

Just curious... do you guys know what STEM means? I just wrote an editorial for my school newspaper about how our school should provide more opportunities for its STEM-bent students, and practically no one on our staff knew what STEM stood for, which was kind of astounding to me. But idk I guess liberal arts-types wouldn't know anything about it?

Alright that was a boring blog topic. But yeah. Just wondering...

Oh, and I'm listening to Midnight Memories right now. It's very rock-influenced? Not really my style. But there are still some songs that I like. I haven't been paying too close attention since I'm simultaneously making this set lol but we can share favorite tracks after I take a second listen some other day :)


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