Haiii, guys.

How are you? good, i hope. if your not then send me a pm. {oh...em...gee...thats sounded some much like an anon. hahahaha} 

anyway,i want to tell you all a little more about me. 

1. i come from a fairly rich town. {not like Rosewood Penn, but you get it} {sorry, its a pretty little liars reference} But i don't have all "expensive clothing and whatnot." i don't have an iphone or gucci purses, but yes my house is big. not mansion big, but still big.

2. i cannot stand girls who flaunt how much money their parents have. like talking about how many concerts they have been too/going too. saying how much clothing they have...stuff like that.

3. people think that because i am shy and don't talk to people that i need to be 'protected' like i can't think for myself. for example, some people tell me not tell someone the answer to a question. I most probably will do the complete opposite. they think i am snobby, when really there the snobby person. just going to put that out there.

4. when people talk about what musicians they like at THE MOST IRRELEVANT MOMENTS IN THE DAY. like this one girl {at my school} is in love with JB {nothing wrong with that.}, and she expects everyone else to appreciate Justin as much as she does. it annoys the crap out of me. I wish she'd just get married to Justin and leave the school or something. 

5. girls who change who they are for a guy. I know two girls who have done this. One did it because she was "in love with a sixth grader" while she was in 8th grade {ewww} and the other was because her Bf was friends with completely different people so she decided to ditch her real friends. no, just no.

6. The words Directioner & Directionator. everyone is the same. get over it. 

7. boys. i just don't understand them. at one point i thought i understood them, but then BAM, i didn't. *sigh* oh well, its not like anyone likes me, i am a bit of a potato at the moment ahahha.

8. selfies. they annoy me. most girls look like such sl*ts in them. with their boobs squished and showing out the top of their shirts. like no. if your goona do that, become a stripper. the world will thank you. 

9. yolo, do i even need to explain? {hakuna matata is better :}

10. P.D.A. otherwise known as Public displays of attention. i have been in that awkward moment when i pass a couple who look like there about make out, or something in THE MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY! Since i am very aggresive {BE AGGRESIVE, PASSIVE AGGRESIVE!!} in real life, i shoved them and their crap out of my way and give them a lovely little death stare, whilst mentally stabbing them a bajillion times in my head.

This is just 10 things, you should know about me. If you want another one like this....well comment a question or topic you would like me to cover. 

hope you enjoy it!

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