This set was based after the amazing @melodical-maniac and her set:
Ok I'm sorry this one sucks in comparison. I tried my best. The color scheme isn't right. nothing is so I'm sorry I tried my best though. 


So today I went and saw the Hobbit. omfg it was such a beautiful amazing movie. that ending though. I won't spoil anything but I will say. Smaug was beautiful. Bard was really hot; and so was Fili and Kili. Legolas was perfect and so badass in this movie. Tauriel was way more awesome then i thought she was going to be. And the person who played Thranduil was amazing. And then martin freeman as bilbo was amazing as always but all I could think about was how he plays Watson and he was talking to Smaug which was played by benedict cumberbatch who plays Sherlock. So I kind of had a fangirl moment because of both the hobbit and Sherlock. haha

Ok I'm going to go now before I start just going on and on about how amazing the Hobbit was.

~ Sarah

lyrics: 'Crucify Me' by: Bring Me The Horizon


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