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Collaborations why I enjoy them

First of all let's not be so judgmental about collaborations. Let's face it, It's not easy to make sets. Sometimes it takes us a few hours just to create one and we are not being rewarded "extremely" for it. Before I started doing any promotions, I was a total amateur. It takes me years just to create a single set. I wasn't that skilled and there was still a lot to learn. It is true that we become very limited with the things we can create when we are doing a sponsored set but what I like about it is that I WAS FORCED TO LEARN. I just had to. I used items I wouldn't use on my personal sets, I learned different styles and I found out how to find beauty in every piece of clothing. I can't became I can. There is always this thrilling feeling of" How am I going to use these items in a set?" You learn from challenging situations and I guess that is the best part of doing collaborations. You are forced to step out of your comfort zone and think out of the box. I know this is not the case for some of you because you are already too good and you find no challenge in this things anymore. I just wanted to share with you how I feel about collaborations in pv and how it helped me mature on my artistic side.

Thank you for the amazing shower of support. I get from all of you Your comments and likes brighten up my day :)

This set I dedicate to my amazing pv friends @latoyacl @natcatt @sanguine-marble @incantare @deveraux @pimkielipstick @lifestyle-ala-grace @ino-6283 @pam0713 @sofiasolfieri @gstrogg
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