Such Great Heights {by} The Postal Service

--I always wanted to listen to this song once more! I heard it on the radio, and fell in love with it! I kept forgetting to look it up; but now I did!! Well, new chapter for Bommie <3 Read Below

[part I ]
♡ B O M M I E
I waited patiently in the family's living room. Jandi has quite a disliking for family portraits. Finally she came out. Looking her best, well, she always is. She hugged me. A sisterly loving hug. Those comfortable ones you never want to let go of. Jandi and I sat down. 
-"So, whats new?" she asked
"Uhm, I'm not feeling safe talking about it. Can we go upstairs? Its very important..and must be kept between the sisters we are." I requested as I saw her facial expression change slightly. The smiling Jandi was now a straight-structured Polish-English girl. The one you can trust for anything.

"So, now that we're alone, what did you want me to know?...eh..How can I help you?" Jandi said with a slight doubt in her voice, I felt as if I was worrying her far too much.

-"My friend, I've always told you about how much I longed to leave the Kingdom, well....now is the time.." I told her

With a smile on her face, she said "You're not kidding?! Oh dear, finally. I want to come along as well." she said, and with those simple phrases, I couldn't help but cry with joy that my friend, I mean, sister, is now joining me to secede the country.

I whispered to her lightly in the ear
-"Now, go pack up, my bags are done, hurry! Take eveything you need, don't forget your dollar bills" I toold her and pushed her farther upstairs to rush her. Jandi works best under pressure. She knows how to control her nerves, unlike myself.

Exactly nine minutes later, she was tip-toeing down the stairs with 4 fully, and overly packed Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Chloe bags and satchels. I helped her carry the heavy ones, and held her hand until we reached the bottom of the staircase. We finally said goodbye to the maid, and told her we'd be off to a camping trip that would take two weeks. I hate lying to the woman, but I am aware of how desperate she is when it comes to gossip.

"Well, now what do we do?" Jan said once we got to the front gates of her mansion.

-"Well, we go to the Central Station of Transportation and make our way to the airport!" I said pointing to the little public C.S.T. stop.

"No, thats a public place. People will suspect everthing!" She said, and I know she was right. Jandi is someone much more clever than to let herself be guided by a map

"Besides..there's a faster way-" She said as she ran back in the gates and ran to her garage where her vintage 1959 Porsche had been waiting for her. She drove her way back out of the gates, and I opened the passengers seat, and threw all our belongings in the back. I always wanted to drive one of these. All I ever had to own was my motorcycle which I had received from Anthony just a few months ago on my birthday.

Jandi drove so calmly, I was getting frustrated. 
-"Jandi, not that I don't like your driving, but you have to speed up! I'm sure Anthony and the guards are on the search." I said as I pointed to the windows; She accelerated right away.

"Well, thanks for telling me! I felt like I needed that extra push." She said and giggled,

We arrived at the Airport just 10 minutes later. The magic of acceleration; wow. We looked for the tab on the board that read "America" or something like "New York"... Ah! We found one already! 

-"Two tickets for New York please" I asked
"One way tickets? Or will you be coming back?" the lady said
-"One-way.." I said trying not to look suspicious
"Two one-way-tickets for New York at 1:30, the waiting room is down the hall, to the right." She said pointing down the hall like she said.

-"Thank you" I said as Jandi paid the woman, and we walked over to take our seats

"Doesn't it feel great?!" Jandi said as she smiled excitedly at the tickets that would lead to our youthful freedom.

-"Yeah. It feeld like we're no longer trapped in the minds of a wealthy aristocrat" I told her waving my money in my fingers

We didn't know what to do for the next hour, so we decided to Google some recommendable places in New York. We were looking forward to shopping at their amazing vintage stores and antique shops. I was dying to try that one drink...Whats it called again? The one that has these round, chewy gumball-like things at the bottom?? Boba? Was It Bubble Tea? I think so, yes. I was dying to try what my aunt had once mentioned: " Taro Milk Tea". I was dreaming about it that night; I can almost taste it.

-"What are you going to drink first once we get to the U.S.??" I asked Jandi who was paying less anttention to me, and more attention to the man who was selling snowcones outside the building. Many children are sent to boarding schools outside the U.K. for disciplinary reasons, to which, I know nothing of, since I was always a decent daughter.

"Huh? Oh yeah- Well, first, I want to try Lavendar Tea, then I wish to go try Yogurt that is frozen; and.." Jandi said trying to think of more things..

-"Jandi, you meant to say Frozen Yogurt! But, you live in front of Pink Berry, how is that so.?" I asked with curiosity.
There is no way she hasn't stepped foot in a Frozen Yogurt shoppe and not have tried it when its in front of her windowpane every morning-night. 

"Well, father never lets me go out, obviously unless you're around. And I've always been trying to control my constant cravings for the cold." she told me rubbing her hands together as if they wer turning numb

-"Awe, why haven't you ever told me? You know we're sisters, best friends, since birth we slept in the same crib! We were born on the same night! Do you dare deny this?" I asked her in proof of our very close friendship

"Well, no. I was just tired of it. Pink Berry is a craving, not a need. And besides, when we get to America, we'll have everything we dreamt of!" she said spreading her arms up with a delighted smile.
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Wrote 4 years ago
WELL I ADOREEEEEEE THE SET <33 I will read the story soon remind me tomorrow! :)

Wrote 4 years ago
Feedback Porfavor!!

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