Okay so like I said, I’m continuing with Ella, my character from Crazy Days + Nights. But I’ve lost a lot of steam with her so I’m going to just list some things that have happened and then start from there.

her bio - http://www.polyvore.com/see_your_face_in_my/set?id=53476840&lid=1705302
her intro - http://www.polyvore.com/im_falling_for_your_eyes/set?id=53970655&lid=1705302
her collection - http://www.polyvore.com/ella_delaney/collection?id=1705302

last story - http://www.polyvore.com/think_its_make_believe_so/set?id=55125783&lid=1705302

what has happened since then:
july: ella and teddy’s relationship deteriorates slowly till they both don’t care about keeping up pretenses. teddy is never home and ella starts to flirt with her crush back in kansas.

august: the morning of a very important audition for ella, the man teddy was having an affair with comes to the house and confronts her – she bombs the audition and when she gets home, she tells teddy she wants a divorce. ella moves out with cat and millie’s help and the paparazzi and gossip sites are all over the situation. on the 28th, since ella already planned teddy’s birthday party, she goes through with everything and teddy ends up drunkenly telling all the partygoers that ella cheated on him. in the morning, everyone has sided with america’s golden boy and turned their back on ella. her endorsements with family friendly backers have dropped her and her pride and joy, her show “the bay” has written her character off and she sadly does her last couple of shows. 

september: with no friends or job in california, ella moves back to kansas to try and piece her life back together. 

My next Ella set will actually be a story so comment if you want me to tag you in my Ella stories :)
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