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Hey, poly-pals
sorry for being absent with a set for such a long time - was reaaally busy! -.-
Have to do a lot for school and I also have to..
On monday I had the discussion day at my 'Maybe-New-School' and I was totally impressed from the building! The assembly hall was ... open! Well, it was kind of central so every vintage assembly is seen by everyone which I found weird because I just know it from my old school that the assembly hall is in an closed room ... with doors! All in all it was a nice atmosphere. Very modern (okay, my school is about 700 years old so nevermind^^)! Okay maybe my theory about the assembly hall isn't that true at all ... I mean I hadn't visit the whole school yet just the piece where the assembly occured so there might be another place - with doors for, don't know, 'more private' assemblies! xD Haha, nice text about assembly halls! Gosh, but having said that the school seems amazing and the profiles (Well, our school system, don't ask me to explain^^^) are good for me too. I tend to the linguistic one - *yay* and I plan to join the drama club there. So thus much to my future plans! :D

Today it's 2 BROKE GIRLS DAY! ♥
Love this serie soooo much! :D

Uhm, I guess that's all I wanted to tell you ... Aaargh, I always forget the things I wanna blog and then I just bore you with my school stuff! -.- Haha! xD So tell me, if you are annoyed of that so I gonna leave it in future! 

I was tagged by @xxkrissixx in her beautiful set

a) Available – Yes.
b) Birthday - March 24th
c) Crushing on – My dream man
d) Drink you last had - Water
e) Easiest person to talk to – my mum
f) Favourite song – Can't hold us by Macklemore
g) Gummy bears or gummy worms – None of them
h) Hometown - Portsmouth 
i) In love with anyone - at the moment: no 
k) Killed someone - no
l) Longest car ride – about 1 day (with breaks!) Summarized from three days and nights on the road 
m) Milkshake flavour - vanilla
n) Number of siblings - 1
o) One wish – to live in England one day 
p) Person that called you last - my best friend
r) Reason to smile – Maaany
s) Song you last sung – No one by Alicia Keys
t) Time you woke up - 5:45
u) Underwear color - purple
v) Vegetable - tomatoe 
w) Worst habit – Thinking about anything too much
x) Xrays you've had - 1
y) Years living where you live - nearly 10
z) Zodiac sign - aries 

Spell your name without vowels: Srh
What color do you wear most?: black and brown
Least favorite colors?: pink
What are you listening to?: nearly all kind of music
What is your favorite class in school?: english, music, french (they are all equal best) 
When do you start back at school/college?: I already started
Are you outgoing?: Some times.
What is the temperature outside?: Don't know..
What radio station do you listen to?: N-Joy 
What was the last thing you bought?:A calendar
Who was the last person you took a picture of? Myself :D
Ever really cried your heart out?: Yes.
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: Yes. 
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: …
Do you cry when you get an injury?: normally not
Do songs make you cry?: some songs do. 
Are you a happy person?: not always
What is your current hair color?: dark brown 
What are you wearing?: black top, grey cardigan, jogging pants and warm socks^^
Bracelets?: right now none
Your eye color?: dark brown
Short or long hair?: the mid of short and long
Height?: 1.76 m ( I didn't measure me for a long time^^)

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