So this little creation came about while I was trying to create something for the contest: Matchbook Minis Since it turned out different than I was expecting I decided to make this one larger and make a small version for the contest.

Oh and the doll itself was Inspired by the super amazing @kiss-me-im-cute and the background was inspired by the wicked awesome @tabithasue. Both of who are crazy talented and always inspiring!

Also I was tagged by the wonderfulf @schnitzelninja in her very enchanting set

And this quiz is the tag...

1. Your name: Megan (but I prefer my nickname)
2. Your age: 21
3. Your birthday: Feb. 14th 
4. Your hair colour: Goldish brown
5. Your eyes colour: Bright Blue
6. Your height: 5'6.5 
7. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?: Nope and honestly I don't have the time
8. If you said yes what's his/her name?
9. Are you in love with someone? Umm I guess you could say that....
10. Do you have brothers or sisters?: Too many of both but I'm only talking to one, my younger brother.
11. if you have what's their name?: Andrew
12. Your fav color?: The color raspberry
13. your fav food?: Any kind of noodle dish
14. your fav sweet?: York Mint
15. your fav colour?: Isn't this a bit repetitive? 
16. your fav pair of shoes: my green heels with a white bow
17. your fav clothes?: my gray sweater and black lace dress
18. your fav actor (male): Oh gosh I don't know! A tie between Johnny Depp, Mathew Gray Gubler and Hugh Dancy
19. your fav actress (female): not sure
20. your fav movie: To many to name
21. your fav tv show: Criminal Minds
22. your fav tv series: I just answered that, look above!
23. your fav movie soundtrack: Harry Potter
24. your fav singer: (male): Too many
25. your fav singer (female): Again can't possibly choice
26. your fav band/group: One Republic
27. your fav song: So so many
28. what kind of music do you like?: everything except metal, screamo and rap
29. what kind of movies do you like?: Comedy, Romace and Action
30. your fav model (male): Gaspard Ulliel 
31. your fav model (female): Miranda Kerr
32. your fav tv president (male): no idea
33. your fav tv president (female): Has there been one I can't remember?
34. your fav political: My fave political what? 
35. your fav book: Oh boy! Talk about impossible to name all! I have hundreds of favorites!
36. your fav writer: 
37. your fav book series: 
38. your fav animal: It's tie between dogs, turtles and cats
39. do you have a pet?: A Cocker Spaniel named Winnie the Pooh and a small dog that my roommate and I share, named Molly.
40. what mark is your sunglasses?: Eh what?
41. Do you have a nickname?: Indeed I do. Several in fact....
42. If yes what is it?: Mimi (my most common and preferred one) Missy, Meg, Meggy and Meem but only one person is allowed to call me that.
43. Have you ever killed someone?: Now what kind of question is that?
44. Do you ever steal? Only food off of friends plates when they're not looking. :] 
45. do you like football?: Nope
46. who is your fav player?: n/a
47. do you like basketball?: No 
48. who is your fav player?: n/a
49. Can you lick you elbow? No but I just tried....
50. Your grade in math? Last time I took a math class was 3 years ago and I think I got a D
51. your fav subject?: Lit., Medievil History, Folklore, Art and Theatre
52. your worst subject?: Anything related to math or science
53. Have you ever eaten paper? no
54. What do you want to be when you're older? A successful actress with published art and a happy home life
 55.What time is it? 7:52 pm
56. The last word that you say? okay
57. Do you like hats? Eh not really
58. If you'd have to be a monster - which one? Some kind of furry pink monster
59. choose a number: 7
60. CHOOSE: romantic novel or history book: Romantic novel of course!
61. Where are you from? Seattle, WA
62. Favorite saying? Scars tell you where you've been but they don't have to dictate where you go.
63. Do you believe in God? Yes, I have to or I don't have hope
64. What would you like to be if you were not human? Probably an elf
65. The historical person who you like most?: Joan of Arc she's kick*ss
66. Tell 24 words starting with, A,B, C, D, E, F,G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.: I'm too tired to try and think to do this one
67. What are you listening to right now?: Stairway To the Skies by Withen Temptation
68. fav kind of ice cream: Neapolitan 
69. fav computer game: don't really play them
70. fav actor (male) in tv series: Mathew Gray Gubler
71. fav actress (female) in tv series: no clue
72. fav role in a tv series by a male: Doc. Spencer Reid 
73. fav role in a tv series by female: Dr. Brennan
74. fav flower: Lily
75. your worship song: See that's just a weird question
76. fav cartoon (male): Howl from Howl's Moving Castle
83. Weather?: I enjoy the sun but the rains not to bad especially if you have a pile of essays to write
84. do you like summer?: Of course
85. do you like winter? Love it
86. what about spring? Where I live spring is mostly wet and rainy so no not really
87. and fall? Yes indeed. I love the colors and Halloween
88. Which famous villain from a novel you'd like to be? Some kind of crazy, wickedly awsome villian
89. Have you ever won a competition? Yes
90. if yes what? I won a Theatre Sports Competition and an Creative Writing Competition
91. Looking for something at google? At the moment no but I do all the time
92. What is supposed to represent your avatar? I don't get this question...
93. Would you rather be a princess or a witch?: A witch Princess! :D
94. Are you really good at school? : Depends on what subject but overall yes.
95. You read magazines? Usually only when I'm waiting at the Doctor's office
96. your fav magazine? Eh....probably Vogue
97. Which cell phone do you have? A really beat up pink razor (I'm too broke to buy to buy a new one). I know very retro of me...
98. Do you have freckles? Not really
99. What's your best friend name? Ashley and Gail
100. tag here some people: I'll just make it an open tag and anyone who wants to and hasn't been tagged yet is now tagged!
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