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Zayn kept her in his lap with her feet up next to them and rubbed her back lightly. Amber felt like a little kids again. Not just any little kid, but a little girl that had just lost her dad in a fatal car accident. Rose obviously made dinner as she could smell it from the kitchen. The aroma of lasagna wafted from the kitchen to her but she still wouldn’t move. Her throat was raw but she didn’t move to drink the tea set next to her. She was cold but she didn’t move to change. How many times would he make her feel like this? Like she couldn’t go on? Well she could. She knew she could. She had before and she had to now. She had Zayn. She had her mom and Nathan. She had Rose, Hannah, Dayzie, Ellie, Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis. She had a baby. Her first movement since they entered the house, was to slowly slide her hand from Zayn’s neck down to her stomach. Her ring glinted a bit in the light shining between her head and Zayn’s. Her cuts glistened in the dull light as well and she remembered that her hands hurt. She remembered that she was hungry, thirsty, wet. She started to regain feeling in her limbs. Amber slowly lifted her head and Zayn turned to look into her eyes. “Amber please say something.” “I’m going to go clean up.” She sat up and Zayn stood and pulled her to their room. She looked at their bed and stretched out on it, burying her face in the covers. Zayn grabbed her some pajamas, neosporin, and the tea she left on the table. He handed her the tea first and she took a slow sip from the warm mug. Her throat felt better instantly and the liquid made her warm inside. Next, Zayn took the cup and handed her the clothes and she changed quickly into a shirt of his and sweatpants. The same pajamas she usually wore to remind her of sleeping with him every night while he was gone. He then set the mug on the nightstand and had her hold out her hands. He applied neosporin to all her cuts on the tops and sides of her hands. Amber remained silent and watched him and herself move like she was watching a movie. Like nothing was real. When Zayn put the tube of medicine down, he took her shoulders gently in his hands and kissed her forehead. “I’m guessing you’re not okay, but I think we all want to know what happened.” He whispered kneeling close to her. Amber nodded. “I want to finish my tea first though. And eat some lasagna.” Zayn smiled and kissed her lips. “Anything love.” He stood and Amber followed him out to the dining room while the others decided to wait in the living room. He served them both a small amount of Rose’s lasagna and they sat at the table. Even though there couldn’t have been more than a half a cup of dinner on her plate, Amber still couldn’t finish it all. She might throw it back up if she tried. “So why are you back early? And without the others?” She asked after a long, but not awkward, silence. “I wanted to be here when you got home. I had a feeling today was going to be rough for you and the boys said they could do tonight’s interview without me and said they’d tell the rest of security so Paul and I grabbed a cab and got on the first plane back here.” Amber leaned over her plate and kissed him deeply. “I love you so much Zayn. Thank you for doing that for me.” “I love you too Amber. I always will.” His hand cupped her cheek and they kissed again. “Are you ready now love?” He asked once Amber pushed her plate away to indicate she couldn’t eat anymore. She nodded slowly. “I suppose.” He took her sore hands in his and gently led her over to the living room. As soon as she entered, the girls all looked up with worry on their faces. Amber took a deep breath and launched into a full retelling of her day. Her voice stayed monotonous the whole time. That was the only way she could get through it without having to stop. As if it was something she heard that had absolutely nothing to do with her. When she finished, all they could do was huddle around her in a big group hug. She smiled lightly. “It’s his fault. He missed out on meeting the most important people in my life and now he’ll never get the chance again.” she said confidently. Once they set up everyone’s bed, Ellie pulled up the other boys on Skype. “Hey Amber!” They all waved to the camera. She smiled and waved a little from her spot on the couch with her legs draped over Zayn’s lap. If anyone could distract her, it would be them: her best friends, and Zayn.
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