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The girls had all been missing the boys a lot since they had left Dublin, but they were all very understanding. This was their dream. This is what made them happy. The band. They called as much as they could and Skyped from their hotel rooms when they were together. The girls watched any interviews they did while on tour, ones that always included questions about leaving them at home and Amber and Ellie’s babies which made Louis and Zayn both blush and smile at the same time. They replied to fans on twitter when the boys couldn’t, they visited the families and spent time all together. Dayzie and Aleyc spent the remainder of the weekend and the rest of the next week in Tennessee with their parents, which Dayzie was very grateful for. Since he had joined the military, she hadn’t been able to talk to him much besides letters she sent that didn’t always get to him until after a month and then she only received an answer weeks later. They kept him busy, and she had been as well. They talked about the extra roles she played in the senior’s movies made in her Advanced Drama III class where she and two other people were the only sophomores in that class. Her parents knew a bit about it since she emailed and called as much as she could with the time zones in between them. This semester, she was a dead sister for the opening 10 minutes of a short horror movie, a bridesmaid in a wedding- which she had plenty of experience in- and a snobby girl from a rich neighborhood for a few minutes scattered throughout the hour and a half movie. She couldn’t wait to be in a real movie again like she had been for Taking Five though. To be part of a real film… that had been her dream for a long time now. Hannah and Ellie were also loving their college experience. Hannah had beaten the other girls in the school’s talent competition and won first place! Liam was incredibly proud of her as was everyone else. Ellie had been going to the same place she and Louis had their first date and preformed so often they offered her a job to work as the entertainment! She of course accepted and every time she sang there, people told her she was really good as they left. Ellie and told them she’d eventually have to stop once the bay got bigger since preforming with the loud bass and microphone probably wouldn’t help at all, but promised she’d be back as soon as she could. Rose finally got her web page up and called her out-of-home-bakery “A Cupcake a Day…”. She had already gotten a few more calls after she and the girls went to the pageant mom’s party and she ever had a wedding in a few weeks that she needed to bake and decorate. “It’s a good thing I don’t have any more sticky fingers around the house, Rose told Niall one night jokingly, “or I’d have no inventory left!” He laughed, but agreed that the mere thought of Rose’s cupcakes made him hungry again. She was finally getting the hang of being in charge of keeping track of money, orders and delivery and didn’t need the others to help her anymore, even thought they would have if she needed them. Amber had won first and fourth place in the class’s Photo Contest and Kyle hadn’t even made the top five, which made her guiltily happy. He hadn’t gone as much out of his way since she brought up Zayn to talk to her, but she still caught him looked over at her during class and not paying attention. She told Zayn, but made him promise not to get too mad. Of course he was a bit upset, but told her “anyone with eyes would be staring at you all day if they could” to make them both laugh it off. When Dayzie finally returned to London, they all spent the night at her and Harry’s house with a Skype from the boys most of the night as well. They woke up in the morning to see that they had all fallen asleep with the laptop still open, and might have even fallen asleep on the boys. Amber and Ellie both had a text from Zayn and Louis saying they needed their sleep and missed them lots. They couldn’t wait to see them and the baby bumps as Amber’s was beginning to show under her clothes now. The others didn’t get off the hook for falling asleep so easily, and had mocking and teasing texts in store for them. They spent the rest of the morning and afternoon, since it was Saturday and they didn’t have work or school, hanging out together then went with Ellie to watch her preform.
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