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After another few days of slight recovery, Avery was finally strong enough to walk. Rose cried as Darian held her arms and led her down the hall and back then all the way to the elevator and to her bed. Rose hugged her lightly and could feel her ribs were less sharply defined. Days after that, Avery could walk by herself and lost most of the IVs hooked up to her. Rose and Darian were overjoyed! After a week of progress, leaving just one more before Rose and Niall’s wedding, Avery was given the okay to leave the hospital. The doctors had performed one final surgery and removed the cancerous cells once and for all. Rose could not believe it and soon, Avery was ushering her, Niall, Amber and Zayn onto their plane so she could go get her dress. Darian kept his arm firmly around her when she wasn’t hugging them goodbye. Rose was overly thankful that she had someone who could keep an eye on her while she was on the opposite side of the world planning the beginning of her new life. She had Niall, she would soon have her new baby, and she had a new family to spend time and holidays with. Rose couldn’t wait! Dayzie Ellie Hannah Harry Louis and Liam were so excited to hear about Avery’s miraculous recovery and also noticed Rose looked a bit sharper than when they had left. Her shirt hung slightly more lose around her shoulders, and her stomach poked out more than it should have for only being 3 and a half months. The girls all got her to return to the kitchen for both her backed up orders, and to get her to eat more again. Rose’s stomach hadn’t shrunk in all that time however, since when Niall challenged her to see how many she could eat they both finished up to twice as much as any of the others. They tied at their last one and called it a draw. The others shook their heads. “That baby better love food or it will not survive in the house.” Amber said laughing. Rose smiled down at her stomach that was pressed to Niall’s as his hands were set gently around her waist. “We came up with a name by the way.” She told them. Amber and Zayn had already heard and said they thought it was an amazing idea. “Well Rosie thought it up. I just said yes.” Niall added. “I guess we see who the boss of this house is then.” Louis whispered loudly behind his hands to Ellie. Ellie giggled and Niall glared at him. “Come on Rose!” Hannah begged. “I have a strong feeling it’s going to be a boy so I thought the name Avery Hope sounded perfect. You know, considering the circumstances.” The others all agreed it was a lovely name but Louis asked how she knew it would be a girl. “Soon-To-Be-Mother’s intuition I guess” Rose replied with a smile. “That reminds me! Louis and I were at the mall a few days ago and we saw a really adorable shirt!” Ellie hopped off her chair and grabbed her purse then took out a folded white shirt and held it out to her. Rose took it and let it fall open, revealing green words written on the stomach of a maternity shirt. They read “Irish I was out of here!” Niall and Rose both laughed. “It’s perfect Ellie!” Rose hugged her with one arm then pulled it over her tank top. It was still a bit too big around her midsection but she was going to grow into it soon she hoped. “I suppose someone’s going to have to start saving Rose’s cupcakes for Rose now huh?” Louis propped his arm up on Niall’s shoulder but Niall shrugged him off. “We’ll see.” They all laughed and Ellie pulled a second white shirt out of her purse. “This is for you Amber. I thought it was cute.” Ellie tossed it to her and she held it open just as Rose had. Across the chest in medium letters it said “Me” then lower and smaller on her stomach it said “mini me”. Amber turned it around and showed Zayn. “It’s adorable Ellie!” Amber hugged her with one arm. “Aww don’t I get one Ellie?” Liam said looking at her from his chair with the best puppy dog eyes he could manage. Hannah pushed his arm lightly and laughed. “Yeah come one Ellie! No fair!” Harry said pretending to pout. Ellie smiled then turned to sit down. As she sat in her chair her face contorted into shock and mild pain. “Louis!” Louis stopped smiling and was on his knees in front of her in the next second. “What? What’s wrong Ellie?!” Louis clasped his hands around hers but she put them on her stomach instead. “The baby is coming. The baby is coming now!”
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