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Early the next morning, the girls woke up in their hotel rooms and got dressed as quickly as they could. They were going to help set up the food that couldn’t be put out yesterday. They were having brunch under the tent before Elizabeth and Aleyc left for their trip. They arrived at the church just as a truck pulled up. Harry and Liam took the cake inside while the Hannah Dayzie and Amber grabbed smaller boxes of chocolate covered fruit and mini cupcakes, Rose and Niall fixed the banner hanging over the ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ table and Louis Zayn and Ellie adjusted their projected names above where they were going to stand. It read “Elizabeth and Alex” rather than Aleyc so they had to find the projector before too many people got there. Once people started to arrive, they took their places on Aleyc’s side of the pews and family members filed in behind them. Once the music began, the pastor was the first to walk in. Aleyc followed, leading his and Dayzie’s mother and Elizabeth’s mother down the aisle, followed by his grandparents, then Elizabeth’s grandparents. Finally, the music changed and everyone stood up. Elizabeth and her father walked through the doors and they stole a peek back at Aleyc. His eyes showed the same feeling for her as Elizabeth had in her own eyes yesterday. She wiped her eyes with a tissue she held with her bouquet. At the end of the aisle, her father took her hand and Aleyc’s hand. He held them both and said “I give this young lady to be your bride today”. Aleyc smiled and took her hand. She kissed her father’s cheek and walked up the three steps next to Aleyc to stand with the pastor. He began by telling everyone how important it is to marry someone you can see yourself with for the rest of your life. How it was better to wait until you had no doubt in your mind that if you lost this one person, you would never be the same. That they had changed your life for the better and continue to do so. As he spoke both of them got teary eyed. “Instead of saying the traditional vows, or any at all really, Aleyc Harding and Elizabeth Raymond have decided to retell various points in their relationship from their own point of views.” Aleyc smiled and began talking first. “When I was first transferred to the hospital where you worked, you were not my only thought. I wish I could say that it was love at first sight but it took more than that.” Elizabeth laughed lightly. “I was higher than the clouds off of pain medicine and all I could think about still was how much pain I was in. But when I came around, I knew I had found a wonderful girl. You have proven me right from that day forward.” He smiled and squeezed her hands. “When I was stranded on that hill, one thought was running through my mind. That I hadn’t been able to see you that day to say goodbye. I honestly felt like I was not going to make it to see you again.” Aleyc wiped his eyes as she wiped hers. The pastor continued “You may present your rings.” Aleyc pulled a diamond ring from his coat pocket and slid it onto her left ring finger. “It’s a diamond version of the one I gave you.” He said lightly, making her smile even more. “You may now kiss your bride.” The church erupted into applause and a whistle from Harry, which earned him a poke in the ribs from Dayzie’s elbow, as Aleyc took Elizabeth into his arms and spun her around while he kissed her. They lead the way outside while the guests followed. The tent was decorated with the pale candles that gave of flowered scents and paper lanterns hanging down on them. French toast, waffles, fruit and champagne waited on the long tables. It was a short reception so Elizabeth tossed her bouquet and Aleyc her garter after everyone had eaten. One of her nieces caught the flying flowers and Aleyc made sure to shoot the garter right at Harry. Everyone laughed as he blushed and Dayzie kissed his cheek. As she danced, everyone noted that Elizabeth wasn’t wearing typical wedding heels. Instead, she had on dark, buckled combat boots. She kept them buckled up around her ankles to avoid showing her prosthetic leg as much as possible. Once the wedding was almost over, they both went inside to change and came out in much more comfortable clothes. As they drove away in a bright red convertible, they waved back to their friends and family.
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Wrote three years ago
@pinkypocet56 :D

Wrote three years ago
yup! i like that one too xD

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@pinkypocet56 i like Alaska Taylor i think

Wrote three years ago
Alaska Taylor Payne
or Hazel Grace Payne
both are good and named after John Green charactres



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