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Louis was the first to react. “Wow Harry look at you joining the party finally.” He clapped his shoulder lightly. Harry made a face and took Dayzie’s arm then hurried her over to the nearest nurse. He begged for her to let Dayzie get an ultrasound to be sure it wasn’t miscounted days or anything. Before she knew it, Dayzie was laying out on a bed and a doctor was staring at a screen showing her insides. “You definitely are pregnant. And there is a bit of a surprise too…” The doctor revealed the screen and she and Harry leaned in to see two heads and four legs. Dayzie watched as the doctor pointed out each body part and smiled to herself. “You are pregnant with twins.” Dayzie’s smile widened and Harry kissed her hair. “Twins Dayzie!” “I know Harry!” She squeezed his hand and he squeezed back. “They look to be around a month already so you should be due around sometime in August. You’re free to leave when you have cleaned off Miss.” The doctor said as he stood and Dayzie wiped the gel off her stomach. Harry helped her down and they returned to the others excitedly. “So?!” “Tell us!” “You are, aren’t you?!” Dayzie put up her hands. “Guys! Give me a second to answer please.” She smiled, knowing it was burning them to not know. Everyone was glad that they had something to distract them from their traumatic afternoon. “It’s twins!” Harry bursted. Dayzie sighed. “Way to help me out there, Harry.” “I’m sorry I’m excited!” Dayzie laughed. “Me too.” The others congratulated them over and over until a familiar doctor came in with a small pink bundle. “She will be fine, Mrs. Horan. We will need to set up weekly appointments for at least a month to track her progress. C-section can be dangerous for the baby.” He handed Avery to Rose who held her protectively. Niall grabbed the bag with Rose’s clothes and Avery’s diaper bag as they finally left the hospital. Before Rose’s family had to leave, they all went for dinner as a celebration. Everyone returned to their houses to change and settle their still frazzled nerves for Hannah, Ellie, Dayzie and Amber. At home, Amber set Dejona down in her crib while she and Zayn got ready. When Zayn accidentally knocked the fruit bowl off the counter in the living room, Amber froze, terrified by the memory of shattered glass. Her heart pounded in her throat and it took her a few moments to register Dejona crying from her crib. Zayn walked in to check on why Amber didn’t get her and saw her standing petrified by the closet door, her dress clenched in her hands and her eyes wide. Zayn lifted Dejona from her crib and held her in front of Amber. That seemed to knock her back to normal because she took her baby girl in her arms and shook her head as if trying to shake off the feeling. Zayn put both hands on her shoulders and made her look at his eyes. “Amber you’re okay. Trust me, they will not hurt you or Dejona or the girls or anyone alright? You’re safe, love. Safe with me and safe with her.” He hugged her gently, careful of Dejona held on her left shoulder. For Dayzie, Hannah and Ellie, similar reactions happened whenever a loud noise registered through the house. Dayzie was putting on her shoes when Harry slammed a cabinet door close which reminded her frighteningly enough of the bathroom door being busted and her stall being broken open. Hannah was putting her hair up when Liam unintentionally snuck up behind her and made her freeze up in terror. Ellie was changing Tommy when Louis dropped a metal pot while trying to clean up a bit and the sound of it hitting the wooden floors reminded her too closely of a gunshot uncomfortably close to hitting her as she ran after the other girls. At dinner, sounds from the kitchen caused them to look around in alarm. After they said goodbye and drove Avery and Rose’s parents to the airport, Liam suggested having a sleepover to ease the girls’ nerves a bit. The girls all agreed without hesitation and drove to Hannah and Liam’s house after a quick stop for extra clothes and any other essentials. 
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