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Everyone got dressed then met Amber Dejona and Zayn at the café to hear what it was Amber decided to do now. Once they got there, the others found the three of them at a corner table and pulled together as many seats as they needed. They grabbed muffins and cinnamon rolls from the counter for breakfast. Amber finally told them once they were all settled in. “Guys, I have decided… to start my own support group. For people like us since I have four first-hand experiences.” “That’s a great idea Amber!” Rose hugged her shoulders.” “Thanks Rosie.” “And to help gain support, I’ve already told her I’d help whenever and wherever I could.” Zayn said smiling at her with a proud look. “So will we!” Liam agreed. “Anything that can help people that had to go through what girls did.” Harry put his hand over Dayzie’s. “I’ll help too!” Ellie added. I have my old job back so I can advertise or whatever when I have stage time.” She had reapplied for her karaoke bar job where she sang on nights there wasn’t karaoke and they hired her immediately. The guys said they’d help as much as they could- or as much as Amber would let them since she really wanted this to be something she accomplished- and suggested she make a twitter account for it. Amber smiled and pulled out her phone right then. “What should I call it then?” “It should be simple.” Louis said. “Something where if no one knows what it was they could still stumble across it if they were looking for something like that.” Added Niall. “What about ‘Therapy Talk?’” Rose said. “I don’t know about that one Rosie…” Amber ran her fingers over the keys as she thought. “You know it’s the first stages the name will come later.” She shoved her phone back in her pocket and instead took her coffee in her hands. “More important is what I plan to actually do. Where I’m going to do it. When. Those are more important than the name at this point.” As they talked, Amber developed her idea more and more. She decided to open her mind to a therapy group type business. She would help anyone she could get through what was troubling them, get them to get over their fears, get help. Maybe even open it to helping expecting mothers, like Magan, who had no one to guide them through being a mother. Or abuse since Ellie was subjected to an abusive relationship before she was with Louis. It dawned on her all of a sudden how lucky she was to have the people around her. She looked around from her fiancé and daughter, to her childhood best friend, to the band that helped her through so much, to the two strangers on the plane to London for the first time and finally to the girl whose sass had saved them by the pool side. With these people she had been through so much more than she had ever thought possible. That’s what she wanted to do with this. Make it so that people realized they had so much to look forward to. She ran her thumb over the tattoo across her wrist above her faint scars. Everyone had more to live for than they thought, she knew that much. Zayn took her hand in his and kissed her wrist Justas he did every time he noticed her touching her scars. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek. Before they knew it, it was already noon and they had to get back to running errands, making cupcakes, singing and watching kids. They all left and as Amber watched the others drive away, she told Zayn just what she was thinking. He smiled and kissed her. “We’re equally lucky to have you too, Amber. And you’re going to do so many great things with this.” She smiled and turned the radio up when Ellie Goulding’s song Burn came one. In her car seat, Dejona smiled and started kicking her feet. Nothing could have spoiled her mood all day. The next day, however, everyone was woken up early by a call from Liam. He called everyone at hoping one of them would wake up quickly. Amber woke and grabbed her phone from the bedside table before it woke up Dejona and answered sleepily. “Liam?” If she had noticed then what day it was, she might have been less surprised by his next words. It was already February 13th. “It’s time! Hannah’s having contractions and we’re on our way to the hospital. Meet us there and please get everyone else Amber!”
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