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Those two days did not last long enough. Soon, Amber’s alarm alerted her that it was now or never for getting to class on time. She moaned and slowly got out of bed. “You can do this. Ellie has her appointment afterwards and yours is tomorrow. We get to see Ellie’s baby today. Maybe it’s a girl.” She started talking out loud to distract herself. She got dressed and ate quickly then headed out to her car. Ever since Kyle said he watched her walk home, she could never feel comfortable again outside. Amber made a mental note to talk to Zayn later about something that just crossed her mind… they were going to need a bigger place after the baby was born… She drove to the rec center and saw to her surprise, the seat next to Kyle had been filled. For a moment, she smiled. Then she realized it was because there was one seat less. She thought about it for a second until she heard Mrs. Dawson coming down the hall and panicked. Amber got a wheeled chair from the back of the class and pulled it up to the back table. Mrs. Dawson walked to the front of her classroom and demanded everyone’s attention. “Ms. Johnson. Why must you always find a way to attract unnecessary attention to yourself?” She asked when she noticed Amber’s chair. Amber’s cheeks flushed. “There weren’t any other chairs.” “So we have an extra person then?” The girl who sat next to Kyle stood. “Yes that’s me. My name is Rachel.” Mrs. Dawson narrowed her eyes at both of them. “Fine. For today Ms. Johnson.” Amber fell back in her chair. Stupid class she thought in her head. She could do so much without it. She practically knew everything anyways but she wanted the graduation certificate so she could start showing other people what she could do. She knew the parts of a camera and now to adjust the focus. Big deal. Mrs. Dawson ended her lecture by setting a basket at the front of the class and asked they turn in their pictures for the contest. Amber’s pictures were of Hannah dancing, which she asked her permission to use first, and water rippling over rocks from when they went to Tennessee. Hopefully one of them would be good enough. She set hers on top of an envelope with Kyle’s name written across the top. Amber rolled her eyes and turned to walk out of the class room with everyone else. Today hadn’t been the worst class so that was a positive sign. Then came the tap on her shoulder. Amber knew before she even turned her head who it was. Kyle was wearing his usual smirk that annoyed her to no end. She twisted her ring off her finger and shoved it deep in her back pocket. She didn’t trust it around him. “You’re back.” He said. “So are you. Where were you?” “Remember I ask questions?” He leaned closer to her. She stepped backwards trying to keep eye contact. “That was last time. Now it’s my turn.” He chuckled. A shudder crept up her spine. “Okay fine you get 3 questions go.” “Were you in Sweden?” She asked. Stupid Amber! She mentally slapped herself. Way to be discreet, she thought. His smile faltered a bit just barely for her to notice. “I’m going to guess yes then.” It was Amber’s turn to smirk. “Next question.” “Why do you want to know everything about me?” “Pass.” “You don’t get to do that!” She crossed her arms. “Well aren’t you cute when you’re annoyed.” He winked at her. Amber spun around on her heel and headed back towards the doors. “Amber! Wait!” He caught up to her and stood in front of her. “Wait. Please.” “And why should I?” She demanded. He smiled. “That was you’re last question by the way. And because I know none of your friends are waiting at the café this time so I want to talk to you again.” “Absolutely not.” She pushed past him and unlocked her car. Kyle leaned on the driver side door. “Why not?” “Because I have to go meet them at Ellie’s house!” “Oh right. Tell her I think it’s a girl.” Kyle winked. She stared severely at his back as he walked away and got in angrily. She drove to Ellie’s house and they all went to the hospital together. “Mrs. Tomlinson, say hello to your baby.” The doctor showed them all the ultrasound screen of Ellie’s stomach. “At this point, I think it’s a boy.” Amber smiled. Finally something Kyle got wrong! “My baby boy.” Ellie smiled. The doctor printed her a picture and she texted another picture to Louis. “My Tommo boy!” he replied.
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