(( the next day at school))
Kendall- hey Amber
Amber- hey
Kendall- what's wrong?
Amber- nothing
Kendall- please don't lie to me
Amber- fine, Logan's mad at me just cause I said that Macy's cheating on him, and he said I was lying!
(( she starts crying into his chest))
Kendall- don't worry, I'll get some sence into him
(( Logan comes into the hallway that thier in and sees them, and gets jealous))
Logan- Kendall what are you doing!?
Kendall- comforting Amber
Logan- well are you guys dating?
Kendall- we don't have to be dating for me to comfort her
Logan- well it's just that, that's what we used to do
Amber- I gotta go, bye
(( she gives Kendall a kiss on the cheek then leaves))
Logan- you guys are dating
Kendall-were not, I gotta go, bye
(( Kendall leaves))
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