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  • Ameico
  • Ameico Melting Cocktail Glasses - Set of 2
    Ameico Melting Cocktail Glasses - Set of 2
    With shapely silhouettes that appear molten but are surprisingly cool to the touch, these curvaceous vessels have fluid forms that complement your favorite drinks. Each cup looks as if it were halted mid-melt and frozen solid into an eye-catching and ergonomic shape that is sure to keep the conversation flowing. Glasses made in France and melted in the Czech Republic.
  • Ameico Bankers Alarm Clock
    Ameico Bankers Alarm Clock
    Originally designed in 1939, this small circluar table clock also serves as an alarm clock. With a silver-tone metal base and lines of minature squares to denote the hour, this clock offers a minamalist style with modern accents. 4.5" high with a 3.5" face. Available in White. Made in Copenhagen. Battery operated.
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