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Eh, not my best story but I like it. For the full song, link is posted at the bottem :D

Never before had it taken me three hours to pick out a dam dress for anything. Yet suddenly I had been staring at a rack of dresses wondering what the hell I was going to wear to a party for a girl that I wasn't even sure of if she liked me. But to be honest, I didn't really care if she liked me that much. I didn't really care if anyone liked me. Except....Anthony. The thought of his name made my stomach tie up in knots. And why? I hadn't the slightest clue. Why, with him, did I become a nervous wreck? There wasn't something right with it. But what did I have to compare him to? Cullen, who didn't give a crap of what I wore. 

Yet, when I heard he wanted me to wear red, I was staring at these frilly little dresses in a Hogsmeade shop for hours. I laughed a little wondering how red could be sexy on me. The only time I was red was if I started bleeding. That freaked everyone out and yet it was normal to me. I couldn't exactly tell Ruby about Anthony. Maybe it was my fear of how she would react. After all, we had pranked him before this time and had a nice little laugh about it. 

Then ontop of that, I had to pick out a present for Trace. Being a Slytherin girl, all I could figure was to buy her a snake necklace. No, it wasn't original but it was all I could think of. So, I just bought the most expensive thing in the jewerly store that resembled a snake. A green choker necklace from Switzerland that cost me about £1000. Godric Gryffindor would be slightly ashamed his gold would be going toward a Slytherin. 

When it came time to the party, I made sure I was late. I could sneak in undetected and no one would really see that I was there. I was half-hoping Anthony wouldn't be there. And for the first hour, he wasn't. But he appeared with two rough boys that Trace apparently knew. I dug my fingers into my dress wishing to stay invisible. Anthony smiled at Trace then his eyes flittered around the room to me. For a moment, my heart stopped. 

"Just stay there. Just stay there." I muttered in my head. Anthony of course couldn't read my mind and he came over and presented his hand out to me. 

"May I have this dance?" Nervously, I nodded and he took my hand and pulled me into his arms. 

Then I waited for someone to look at us. I must have been shaking becuase Anthony said, "Stop worrying. I have things under control."

"Easy for you to say." 

"...We can leave"

"No, no. I'm fine. I mean I can stare down giant squids and I'm afraid of a room full of teenagers." I laughed nervously for the millionth time but I forced myself to not shake. 

"Yes, but you're still nervous." With a little smile on his face, he leaned forward and kissed my lips softly and if he wasn't holding onto me, I would have just dropped right there. It was like magic, no pun intended, with that kiss. My nerves went still and I finally could breathe. So I took a breath.

"I still don't know how you can do that."

He smiled. "I'm a wizard."

I laughed and finally truly smiled. "Funny." and rolled my eyes

"See, there isn't anything to worry about." He eyes glanced over to Pogue, who was looking sickly seeing Anthony anywhere near me, much let touching me. Yet RUby wouldn't let him go. She too looked strangely at me but kept a good grip of my ex-boyfriend's brooding brother. Then leaning to me ear, barely loud enough to hear over the music, Anthony whispered. "I think we need someplace more quite..."

With a michevious little smile on my face I replied. "No problem." Then I closed my eyes and went limp. He made a little noise but quickly scooped me up. I heard Pogue's voice say something about rushing me to the Nurse and Anthony mumbled. "I'll do it." Then rushed me out of the Room of Requirement before anyone could do anything. 

He moved swiftly around a corner and down the hall before coming to an abrupt halt. I opned my eyes "We safe now?" I smirked. Anthony set me on my feet, and gently pushed me against the wall. He lips met mine with a feverious passion and I met his with the same. 

Then he pulled away. "You know it's incredibly difficult to kiss you when you're looking at everyone else."

"Well who said I was easy?" I raised an eyebrow.

"I know that much is true." I smiled and he looked to my lips and brushed my face with his fingers. "Would it be too much of me to say that I won't stop kissing you until all your lipsticks off." 

"It's stained on my lips so your going to take a while" I laughed. I started to walk away glancing behind me with a michevious smile on my mouth. 

"I don't think I mind that." His dark eyes looked me over. Before I took another step, he ran up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist an kissed me so sweetly with such a passion i thought my heart would explode. And If it would have, I wouldn't have cared.....

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