This is my story to explain a little about what went on when Amelia went missing. If you're not apart of the roleplay then you won't know what I'm talking about. STEAL THIS STORY AND BE FLAGGED LIKE CRAZY!
Even though summer was barely at its end, deep within the forbidden forest, it was as cold as winter. I had shivered so much that I snapped out of my unconsciousness. I took a deep breath. Immediately my hands went to my throat. The cold air burned, not only from the chill but the pain of when I had been chocked. When I suddenly remembered – I sprang to my feet…as fast as I could manage.

I was engulfed by darkness. A night so black you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. But I knew something, was watching. I tried to feel for my wand, not to find it in my pocket. “Looking for this?”

A strange voice came from in front of me when the light from my wand illuminate his face. The grayish-white skin almost seemed to glow. His red eyes almost bled. And the strange long hair seemed to flow in a non-existant breeze. Some how he seemed familiar. “A great bit of trouble we went through to find you.”

“Me?” my voice, as harsh as it was, still managed to sound frightened. 

“Yes.” He said with a smug little smile.

“We wanted to thank you dear.” A female vampire with long black hair, dressed in robes that almost looked to be pulled from a Deatheater, moved behind me. She brushed my cheek with her hand and I flinched, not that you would notice because I was shivering so much. “You have no need to fear us.” The female must have been a mother at some point in her human life. I noticed that she moved much in the same way my mom did, except sharper.

“Thank me? For what?”

“For saving daddy.” A smaller vampire appeared out of nowhere and wrapped her arms around my waist tight – which hurt. She looked up at me, her mouth wide-open exposing pearly white fangs.

“That’s enough dear. You don’t want to crush her.” The little one let go of me and I took a heavy breath in pain.

“What do you mean save you?”

He nodded. “I didn’t expect magic folk to have such terrible memories. Norwey, The dragon dig. Deatheaters were attacking your caravan. One of them was about to dust me when you blasted it…with this.” He waved around my wand. 

“Why were you there in the first place?”
“My wife, Elizabeth,” He waved a hand in her direction to the female vampire. “overhead a lot of Deatheaters conversing about the Dark Lord’s plans. After torturing them for a while, she learned quite a bit. Naturally, we assumed you might want to know.”

“And-and why did you come here?” I was getting so cold my teeth were beginning to chatter. 

“To tell you.”

“Wh-why didn’t you try t-to- -”

“Contact Dumbledore? He doesn’t work for the Ministry.”

“Ho-how do you know th-that?”

He looked around himself. I shivered and shifted uncomfortably. “The others…know.”

Then it flashed across my mind, how many there were when Cullen and I started running. “Sorry my dear, seeing as how your parents work for the Ministry of Magic, we TOOK you, co you could tell your parents and they could tell - - oh what’s his name?”


“Ah yes, Fudge. Well you’re parents could tell Fudge what she knows.”

“But wh-why would you want us t-to know. Y-you have n-nothing t-to do with us.” 

“Because my dear, what affects you – affects all of us. If the wizards are killed, mass chaos will ensue and where do you thing we’ll end up. Nearly extinct. We want to keep this world a shining little place. Got it.”

The female, Elizabeth, moved in front of me and with an eerily gentle smile on her face. “I have so much to tell you…” 

She talked for several hours. At one point I had to sit down on the cold hard dirt because my legs had gone numb. Most of what she had said was already know through the trials at Azkaban. Some would have made my skin crawl if I could even feel it. I wasn’t fully sure of how much time had passed. Where we were was pitch black, day or night. All the light that was near, was that of my illuminate wand. 

“…so you see my dear, this is why we took you. This information was far to delicate to give to just anyone else.” She looked to her husband, who nodded and he walked up to me.

I stood with some difficulty and he handed me my wand, which went out the moment it was in my grasp. I shoved it in my pocket and I felt a small have take my arm. “My daughter will lead you back to the edge of the forest. I grievously apologize that we…stole you – but it was urgent.” 

I couldn’t see anything so the little vampire girl nearly drug me along the way. The farther we walked, the lighter the darkness got, as did the cold. We stopped, just as the sunlight began to shine down from the tops if the trees in slivers. “You can go on from here.”

Tired and still shivering, I mumbled. “You’re not coming?”

She smiled and shook her head. “My kind burst into flames when we go into the sunlight.” 


“Goodbye Amelia.”

“Wait, how do you…” But she has disappeared.

I kept walking toward the castle until Hagrid’s hut came into view and his hippogriph, Lu Lu, squawked at me. Then I heard it, the sweet familiar voice that had screamed when I was taken from him. “Amelia!”

Cullen barreled down the hill toward me when I heard my name. His body collided with mine as he wrapped his arms around me. “I thought I lost you.” 

My arms eagerly wrapped around his warm body that was snug to mine. He then kissed me with a crushing passion that nearly melted my lips. His held my face in his hand as the other held my waist. Cullen looked at me, waiting for me to speak. “You’re so warm.” I murmured with a faint smile.

My knees buckled from the shock of this sudden warm feeling. Cullen pulled me up into his arms and hurried back up the hill. “I found her.” His voice boomed as my head rested against his chest….
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[ seriously amazing writing]

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