Ah, Spring Break, the vacation I’ve been looking forward to since the start of the semester. Headmistress Queller announced recently that Victorian Academy is sending us all to Disneyland for the break. I’m actually really excited; I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was a little girl. The rest of the school was really happy when they heard the news too (I’ve never seen Scarlett smile so much). The only thing that downed my Disney-high was the knowledge that all of my friends would have their boyfriends with them by default since they’re all VA students, but I had to hope Hart could make the trip with us. As soon as I made it back to my room I called him.


“Hey, baby,” answered Hart’s masculine voice.

“Hi, what are you doing?”

“Nothing much; I was just hanging out in my dorm. I’m finally done with classes!” he answered cheerfully. “What about you, babe?”

“I’m done with classes for today. I’m supposed to have class tomorrow, but it’s tradition to skip classes the Friday before Spring Break.”

“Ah, yeah, a tradition I remember well,” he said, chuckling.

“Speaking of Spring Break…what do you have planned?” I asked casually.

“Well, you see there’s this gorgeous redhead I know who I’m head over heels in love with and I was hoping I’d get to spend some time with her,” he answered, his voice playful.

I giggled. “Would you be willing to spend time with her in California?”


“Yeah, VA is sending us to Disneyland for Spring Break…I was wondering if you wanted to come along,” I said hopefully.

“Oh! I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was like 6 years old. I’d love to go with you, Lia,” he agreed.

I nearly jumped for joy in the middle of my room. We continued to talk as I walked into my closet and extracted my suitcase. Folding my favorite warm-weather clothes into the bright yellow suitcase, I laughed out loud at Hart’s ridiculous story about his Chem professor’s toupee. 

“Listen, why don’t I come over tonight and you can sneak me in. There’s no point in making you celebrate VA tradition by yourself tomorrow morning,” Hart said after a short silence.

I smiled and agreed finally hanging up after being told he’d be over in 20 minutes. I was so happy he would be coming along on my Spring Break trip. After a few more minutes of sifting through my closet, I deemed my packing done and walked out onto my balcony to wait for Hart. 
My phone bleeped announcing that I had a new message. I opened the text message seeing that it was from Docia.

‘I just saw Serena Oaks with luggage…I think she’s coming to Disneyland!

My jaw clenched at the thought of Serena. I don’t think I’ve hated anyone so much in my life. As long as she stays the hell away from me and Hart this Spring Break, there will be no problems. I replied to Docia thanking her for the heads-up and put my phone away. I wouldn’t let the thought of Serena ruin my night.
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