American Empirical

Fashion inspired by the movies and characters created by Wes Anderson.


Wrote three years ago
@youngandunafraid I can fer sure help you with that.

Wrote three years ago
@youngandunafraid Oooh sounds likes fun! :)

Wrote three years ago
'Oh boy' is right, I might hold off on it for a while, i'm not sure, it seems a little 'dark' right now.
But I was definately thinking of asking @ducktape for some guidance while figuring out the Tarantino-verse!
But idefinately want to do a bunch of director AUs because there are so many I admire. (Maybe around Halloween i'll do a Tim Burton AU, who knows? ;D)

Wrote three years ago
@fleetingfanfan Thanks love! <3 I love Ash as well! I think he's probably my favourite WA character ^^
@youngandunafraid Oh boy. Tbh I've actually only seen Pulp Fiction, but if you ever wanted help with casting, you could probably ask Duck or Princess, I'm pretty sure they know more about Tarantino than anyone, haha.

Wrote three years ago
I'm actually thinking of doing a Tarantino AU, problem is, I've never seen any of his movies, I'm way too young!
But I have rea the summaries and seen the trailers.

Wrote three years ago
Aw, this really is the best, SE. <3 I adore the Fantastic Mr. Fox especially because of Ash. "No you're not; you're disloyal." Keeps me in laughs. ^_^

Wrote three years ago
@youngandunafraid Aw, thanks! :)
Thanks for the offer! I probably will ask for help... once I get my Bluth and GoT casting sets finished ;) I'm a project starter, I have a really hard time finishing them haha!

Wrote three years ago
I love the sh.itload out of this.
And your comment about how you wanted to be in my polyfamily made me blush because I want to be in your's! I can help you cast people anytime, you need only ask :)

Wrote 4 years ago
frannyglass made tennenbaum sets

Wrote 4 years ago
@volonte Hahaha, thanks :)

Wrote 4 years ago
this is brilliant


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