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♫ Unwritten // Natasha Bedingfield ♫
#26 Appearing on an episode of "The Hills"

So I dont know if you guys have this problem but I know I do. I have too many books. Some of them I still like and re-read them but others from like the seventh grade where I was obsessed with vampire books well, those I'm not really into anymore. So my question here is:

What do you do with your old books?

I kinda want to get rid of them but then again I want to keep them for when I'm older and have shelves all around my house or just one room in the house dedicated to only reading there with all these books which I think would be awsome. And it would be even more cooler because if I do decide to go into journalism where I want to read and review books for a living I think it would be awsome to have all these books with me all the time :) So yeah I dont know yet,, thoughts opinions? 

Personally I wouldnt want to appear on 'The Hills" unless I got a job at Revolution and become this stylist for them just like Lauren went on to become and with her own designer label and everything. Anyways I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and I'll see all your sets soon enough! xoxo....L

P.S> I dont know why my text in my last set is acting up but it wont change. I tried and sorry.... :/
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