Āmitis Shahbanū (Persian: آمیتیس شهبانو) was the queen of the Persian Achaemenid Empire and the daughter of Astiak (Shāh of Mād, the Median King), wife of Cyrus the Great (the 1st Persian Emperor and the writer of the first declaration of human rights in the globe, named the Cyrus Cylinder).

According to Herodotus (Greek historian), Cyrus loved her dearly and, when she died, ordered all the subjects of his empire to observe "a great mourning". There is a report in the Nabonidus Chronicle which is written in ancient Babylonian text. Legend has it that, when "the king's wife died", there was public mourning in Babylonia lasting for weeks and that the queen was buried in the tower called "Zendān-e Soleymān" meaning (Prison of Solomon) placed in Takht-e Soleymān at Pasargadae, Persia (Iran).

The name Amitis means "wise friend"
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