thursday; Hope you got your beauty rest after yesterday because today we’re all going to Cabo! When we arrive it’s straight off to our first photo shoot for a new perfume called Serendipity. Dress high fashion!



I sat on the plane and held my head, it was pure agony. 
“Still hurting?” Andrew asked as he brushed the hair out of my eyes,
“Shh,” I whispered. “My head,” I pulled the window shade down and rested my head on Andrew’s shoulder. “I’m such a terrible drunk,” I laughed quietly and he kissed my forehead as I drifted off to sleep. 

I fixed my makeup in my compact as I walked arm in arm with Harper towards the Serendipity photo shoot. I felt a little better but my head still ached like a b*tch and I knew that I wasn’t looking my best by anyone’s standards. The beach looked amazing but it seemed a little odd to squeeze us models into couture and then stick us on a sandy, dirty beach. I walked over to the makeup chair, sat down and sipped on my third water and aspirin. 
“Kayla, you’re up first,” The photographer called me over, it was Nigel Barker and I was beyond a huge fan.
I took my place over near some rocks and cringed as the other girls watched me, judged me. I pushed the thoughts out of my head and did what I did best, beside f*cking of course. I posed near the rocks but it didn’t feel right, I started walking off towards the water, Nigel looked confused but he stayed quiet. I walked out into the water and let the saltwater soak through my asymmetric ruffle dress which probably cost as much as my car. I was probably going to get my a*s kicked for ruining the dress, but if it got me the perfect shot, did I really care? I decided that I didn’t as I lay down and rolled my body around in the sand. 

I gave Drew a kiss on the cheek and tucked him into bed. 
“Now you’re sure it’s ok that I go out? You don’t want me to stay and take care of you?”
“Don’t be ridiculous, go have fun you’re in Cabo, it’s just a cold” He grinned.
“Ok well, I’ll stay in Harper’s room tonight so that you get a good night sleep,” I whispered as I leant down to kiss him quickly, he pulled me down on top of him, and ran his hands down my bare back. 
“You’re amazing and thank you,” I giggled and snuggled into his chest. “This is a pretty sexy dress for a night out with the girls,” He laughed. 
“I know, but to be honest I was kinda hoping to pick up some smelly, hairy Mexican mariachi player,” I winked.
“Oh baby, stop you’re turning me on. Now get out of here!” He laughed as I lifted my body off of his and he smacked my a*s playfully. “Hey Kayla,” I paused, my hand still on the doorknob as I turned around. “I love you,”
“I love you too,” 

I wandered into Harper’s room and stole her hair straightener and began working on my hair. 
“So are we drinking tonight?” She asked, she was smudging her eyeliner. I looked at my expression in the mirror, I looked boring and like I definitely needed some fun.
“Hell yes,” We met Haylie outside her room and I was pleased to notice that there was no sexual tension between her and Harper, the last thing I needed was those two going at it while I was trying to get my beauty sleep. 
We walked into some shady Mexican place with a name I couldn’t pronounce and took a seat at the bar. 
“Anyone in the mood for tequila shots?” Haylie suggested. 
“Sure,” Harper and I both nodded. “But, first a toast” I smiled, I handed the girls each a shot. “To us, the three hottest f*cking girls in the room,” I laughed, not caring how conceited I’d just sounded.
“Hell, I’ll drink to that,” Harper winked. Before I knew it one drink had turned into six and I was now doing body shots off Harpers bare stomach, while Haylie looked drunkenly on. 
“Oh my god,” Haylie giggled, “There’s a stripper pole!”
“Help me up b*tches!” I slurred. I staggered up onto the bar and waved my half empty tequila bottle around as I tried to find my footing. “Do you have Christina Aguilera? Cause I wanna dance to Dirrty!” I yelled to the bartender who fiddled around with the stereo. I grinned and lifted my hands into the air, half dancing and half staggering. I leant against the pole and caught my breath for a second before getting into it, grinding as sl*ttily as I could against it imagining that it was my hot fiancé, thank god I was wearing bikini bottoms.
I got tired of being alone and I offered my hands to Harper and Haylie and pulled them up onto the bar. I grabbed Harper by her top and pulled her closer to me, kissing her, I’d always secretly wanted to, in a friendly way of course. We danced along the bar and stripped down to our bikinis bottoms, not caring who saw our t*ts. After all, they were fabulous. Some guy handed Haylie a fifty and she kicked him in the face, they made us get off the bar after that. But we sure as hell weren’t stopping; I pushed Haylie onto a chair and gave her an almost naked lap dance before kissing her too, hell it was Cabo!
“I think you need some air!” Haylie suggested. As soon as I got outside into the fresh air I threw up, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and pulled my bikini top back on over my head.
“I’m so sorry you guys, I’m such a pathetic drunk” I giggled between hiccups. “I’m gonna go back,” 
“No…You’re not going back alone!” Harper argued, she was almost as drunk as I was but I knew she wasn’t ready to leave yet.
“I’ll take her,” Said a man’s voice, I looked up the blurry figure, it looked a lot like Dale, it was Dale.
“I’m not sure…” Harper shook her head and looked at Haylie and then at me.
“No its ok,” I nodded, “I want to go with Dale,”
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