I pulled out my phone and typed another message to Harper. 
"Sorry I'm late,"
I turned to grin at the familiar voice, "Let me guess, Miles and you lost track of time."
"You'd guess right honey."
"New shirt Harp?" I asked.
"No, Miles' shirt. Couldn't find anything of mine." She began rifling through the racks of clothes with a pout on her face. "I hate this shit," 
I turned to her and glared "Oh god, Harper, what is it now?!"
"I can't fit into my jeans anymore! I don't want to buy…Maternity jeans."
"Honey, you know nobody can tell from the back right? You still look skinny as f*ck, I kind of hate you." I smiled.
"Whatever. When you'll be wearing tight Herve Leger dresses I'm going to have to wear flowy dresses that cover up my huge belly."
"But your belly is so freaking cute and maybe we can call him up and ask him if he could make you a special maternity dress. I'm sure he wouldn't mind doing it for you."
"Hmm, yeah maybe. Alright, I'm getting depressed looking at all your cute clothes, let's check out and go get sushi."
"Okay, you’re the yummy mummy."

I didn’t need to look through the menu, I knew what I wanted. Two chumaki avocado rolls with the rice on the outside with sesame seeds, and maybe a tempura prawn one on the side. Anyone who didn’t know me would probably think that I was eating for two.
"So last night, while you were out enjoying the 'Good Girls Go Bad,' party, Miles and I had our own fun."
I giggled and sighed, "Go on, I know you want to brag,"
"So, Miles surprised me with a cute fondue dinner, it was amazing to say the least and the food was to die for."
"But let me guess, that's not what you're going to brag about?"
"Of course not best friend, you know me all too well. So, dessert time came around and well we had extra chocolate,"
"Oh, god, I know where this is going,"
"Just shut up and listen. So after we finished dipping the fruit in the chocolate, we had extra, so I had the genius idea to lick it off of him. Long story short we both woke up covered in chocolate this morning."
"Oh no, you are telling me the entire story, don't skip details!"
"Now you want to know?"
"Well yeah, you've got me interested!!"
"Fine, so I'm teasing him with the chocolate and he starts getting irritated cause he's realizing I'm doing nothing but the teasing, so, he does the same right back, except a thousand times worse. I'm talking chocolate all over my boobs and he's just licking it off. The man has the tongue of a god, I'm telling you."
"I vaguely remember," I said in the most monotone voice. I preferred not to think about Miles’ and my very brief romance. 
"Anyways. He's licking all over my stomach right over my panty line." She bit her lip like even the thought was too much to handle "Oh god, just the thought of it,"
"Harper, finish your story before you come." I giggled.
"Fine. Let's just say it was amazing. Like crazy amazing. Miles had the brilliant idea to move from the bed to,"
My eyes grew wide, "Wait, move to where?!" 
"Well I didn't really want to tell you, but we kind of had sex on the dining room table." 
I pushed the few stray hairs out of my eyes and glared at my best friend "Harper!!! Are you serious?!"
"Oops. Sorry honey!"
"Oh god. We've got to sanitize it!!" 
"I am sorry. We got too carried away!"
"Obviously!! You two are like teenage horn dogs!!" 
"Sorry, it’s all because of the baby!!"
"The baby excuse is getting pretty old Harper!"
"Fine, alright, I got to go to the rest room, this baby is pressing on my bladder."
I laughed at Harper as tried to stand up from the table, her tummy getting slightly in the way.
"Well well well, look at that sweet a*s," 
"Hold on, whoever said that, can shut the f*ck up!" I stood up and looked around the restaurant for the a*shole with the big mouth.
"Kayla relax." Harper soothed.
"Why? I'll kick their ass if I have to." 
"Stone?" She asked to the stranger in the aviators. They were the same as mine, someone had been shopping in the women’s section. 
Hang on a minute…Harper knew the a*shole?
"That's what they call me. Who are you sweetie pie?" He smirked at Harper, and I rolled my eyes.
"Oh I don't know just your ex girlfriend." 
I bit back a laugh and motioned to the waiter to bring the bill over. This was too good.
"Harper?! That's you?! Damn, you've gotten big, you've still got a nice a*s though."
I rose my eyebrows in shock, this guy had balls. Balls I would happily poke out with my chopsticks, if he tried anything on Harper.
"I'm pregnant, you jacka*s." Harper retorted.
"Yes, that's what they call it." 
"Well, sh*t, after we broke up, you got busy." 
I reached for my phone to text Trent, I missed him and they were annoying me.
"Well what was I supposed to do? Sit on my a*s and cry over you."
"Still bite back every time someone says something I see."
I stared at them speechless, they argued like an old married couple.
"If I recall correctly you used to love that about me. Whatever Kayla, can we get the rest of our food to go?"
"Sure." I turned around and got all my things together.
"I'll see you at work, Harper." The a*shole replied.
"What are you talking about?"
"I just made a change of agencies and have just joined AMM. That Veronica is sure easy to flatter." 
With a final glare Harper grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door.

“Well so much for my lingerie shopping,” I sighed as I walked with Harper towards the car.
“Yeah sorry about that,” Harper replied.
“It’s okay. Your ex is hot by the way; a stuck up a*s, but totally hot. And it’s going to be interesting to see how he goes at the agency,” I said as I jumped up into the car and started the engine.
“I’m sure he’ll do just fine…”
I nodded; she didn’t want to talk about it, which was fair enough.
“So a family dinner tonight then?”
“Course,” Harper smiled. 
“Don’t worry I won’t cook anything, we’ll order in.”
She nodded, “Perfect,”
“Just Harp could you do one thing for me and try to keep the sex in the bedroom?” I joked as I turned into the driveway.
“Shut up Kayla.”
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