Date with my OTP Contest:

1. Make a set with your favorite k-pop pairing (it doesn't matter if it's 2 guys 2 girls or a girl and a guy!)
2. Answer in the description:
*why they're your OTP?
*What do you like to do with them?
*if you want you can even write a story or whatever, as long as you describe the kind of 'date' you'd have.
3. Tag others!

I seriously hate when people pair two guys! I mean that JongKey thing is just too much for me, like wth! how can you match up two guys? But then ELVIN is always in the middle making me change my mind! hahah they are fuc**** adorable! shi* they even call themselves ELVIN! i simply can't imagine another pairing in U-kiss or in the entire k-pop world!
what would I do with them? just talk, laugh and make fun of them... Id ask Eli to make his animal imitations and I'd ask Kevin to sing for me, a date with them sounds like a lot of fun! and of course at the end I'd end by asking them about aj and being a fangirl! lol
at the very last minute I'd say something like: "GUYS YOU'RE THE PRETTIEST COUPLE EVER!" 

I just came back cause I went out with a friend of mine and her friends and I met a really interesting guy, totally Daniel Radcliffe's style! they're so alike that it scared me cause one of my first crushes (As a young girl) was him so it's weird but still I didn't like him, i just found him so interesting and similar to me! and he was indeed really nice---- he was the 'intelligent' type so i guess we both attracted to each other for that hehe... and he lived in Scotland for one year so he had this British accent.... wow exactly my ideal type from years ago! lol and even though he was French he was so nice! I think the only thing I disliked about him is his height... AJ and Minho are both so tall and there he was, being barely taller than me wearing high heels lol! anyways i'm on a crazy i love u-kiss mood so expect more sets like this and don't forget to join to the contest!

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