Amorphous Geometry.. by Kontak

Silver in its pure native form inspired me to craft this jewelry collection, which although it has been highly refined and processed, it looks as if it is not. Oxidized silver makes every piece look more organic whereas the primitive geometrical shapes highlight the vintage style I wanted to portray. Some pieces of the collection are decorated with highly prized blue, green and red sapphires.
  • Forms of Nature
    Antique look with this hammered and drilled ring! The pure, free elemental form of silver is clearly reflected on this open ring crafted in silver. And although the artisan wants to create a natural form, he doesn’t want it to look accidental, but rather amorphous with intent. For the natural look he tries to achieve, he prefers to oxidize silver and that is how the ring acquires this darker color. Tip: Wear this delicate piece every day. Created to be mixed and matched, or stacked and layered along with GeoGems ring. This ring, allows a striking impression when it’s paired together with the Geomorphic bracelet.
  • Amorphous Forms
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    Geometric pendant for an organic look! This unique pendant is cast from molten silver which was then oxidized to gain this antique tarnished look. Its edges “feel” organic, primitive and rough but also elegant and smooth, just like nature itself. Oxidized silver does not have to be polished or cleaned and time works on its benefit, creating more blacked patches, thus resulting in a more vintage look. Tip: This adorable bohemian-luxe pendant looks delicate on its own or even more amazing when stacked up with the Precious Amorphous pendant or the Geomorphic cuff, along with a see-through shirt and black trousers. It’s so subtle and unique, that you’ll never want to take it off!
  • Amorphous Beauty
    Drilled earrings featuring a geometric pattern of plain beauty! Rivaling the amorphous nature of pure, native silver, this pair of drop earrings is the perfect addition for your nature-inspired style. It is handcrafted by the jewelry artisan who uses fire brick as a cast and then hand finishes the shapes and oxidizes silver to give an even more authentic feel to it. Tip: Wear alone or pair with your favourite ear studs if you have multiple ear piercings. It will look great paired with the Forms of Nature ring.
  • GeoGems
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    Colored Gemstones and oxidized silver create a vintage effect on this open ring! The somewhat unfinished edgy style meets the sophisticated shimmer of the legendary blue sapphire, the “fancy” green sapphire and the brilliant red sapphire. The valuable gemstones are geometrically placed on bezel settings on the otherwise amorphous drilled ring, which is crafted in oxidized silver using a fire brick as a cuttlefish! Tip: The elegant and striking lattice pattern along with the sapphires, provides a luxurious feel to your daily outfit. Pair it with the Precious Amorphous pendant or the Organic Geometry earrings for an office look.
  • Geomorphic
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    Textured geometric cuff bracelet This silver bracelet was inspired by the native form of silver and was handcrafted to maintain the purity of its primitive prototype. The pattern of this piece is created by hand hammering on a fire brick and using it as a cuttlefish to cast the melted metal. After being formed, the bracelet is then oxidized. The darkened appearance of oxidized silver gives this jewelry a wonderful vintage look! Tip: This lightweight cuff delivers spacious elegance and femininity with edge when worn with a simple t-shirt or a long-sleeved black blouse. It will look great paired with Amorphous Forms or Precious Amorphous pendants.
  • Precious Amorphous
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    Oxidized silver ornate engraved pendant Textured pendant with a multitude of projections and precious gems crafted in silver through a process of controlled oxidation to give an elegantly antique appearance. Precious blue sapphires, green sapphires and red sapphires on bezel settings, in combination with the matted oxidized finish give this geometric pendant everyday wearability. Tip: Wear it on top of a plain t-shirt along with leather trousers and multiple chains in order to enhance the trend of multiple layered pendants. For a more formal look, like an open silk shirt, wear it on its own, or add two of them together. Collect them to your hearts content!
  • Organic Geometry
    Precious sapphires on oxidized silver earrings of geomorphic shape! The rough design of this pair of drop earrings, contrasts marvelously with the delicate and precious sapphires that adorn it. The designer first hand hammers the pattern on a fire brick and he then fabricates the bezels for the stones and solders them in place. He elects two of the most classic precious gemstones, blue, green and red Sapphire. Tip: Hair up or down, this pair of earrings is an emphasis on top craftsmanship, while maintaining a fashion-forward aesthetic. Pair them with the Geomorphic cuff or the matching GeoGems ring.

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