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@faithers-067 Hope you really like it! Thanks for asking for an imagine!

"For the last time Niall, where are we going?" you bugged your boyfriend in the car. He was going to take you someplace special, but you didn't know where. He had just told you to dress in something comfortable, and that you wouldn't mind getting dirty in. "No, I can't tell you yet!"he groaned, his voice tired. Probably from all your complaining. "I just want to know! You know how much I hate surprises," you complained. "Just a little while longer," he said weakly. You groaned, and turned to the window, pouting your lips. "Come on babe, don't be mad. I just want to surprise you. Look, we're here," he said, pulling into a parking lot. You sat up and looked around. It was your favorite amusement park! You opened the door and jumped out. Niall had gotten out too, and was getting something from the trunk of the car. "I grabbed your favorite backpack, and filled it up with some snacks. We're spending the day here at the park," he said, winking at you. "Well then, let's go!" you exclaimed, grabbing his hand.

Five hours later, you and Niall got off your favorite roller coaster, the one you had already gone on three times before. You were laughing as he stumbled off, looking silly, as if he was drunk. You looked at him and stopped laughing, and grabbed his hand to take him somewhere where he could get sick if he needed to. "Babe, what are you doing?" he asked, confused. "You look sick!" you exclaimed. He laughed his beautiful laugh. "I'm not sick sweetie, I'm fine!" he laughed again. "But you look sick!" you exclaimed even louder. "Oh babe, thanks, but I really am fine," he smiled. Letting go of your hand, he scooped you off of your feet, surprising you. He was laughing at your shocked face, and he leaned down to give you a kiss. Jumping out of his arms, you laughed at HIS surprised face, and grabbed his arm. Leaning up to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, you yelled "Last one to get to the picnic tables gets served last!" you laughed and ran off, leaving your surprised boyfriend chasing after you.

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