friday- 5- a ball is going on at the moon palace and all are asked to attend. but, tragedy strikes as monsters from the negaverse return and attack innocent bystanders. the sailor scouts will have to protect themselves and their people of the moon kingdom.


I looked at myself slowly at the mirror on the wall of my room, I would never say it out loud but I looked really nice. Maybe, even pretty? The dress was so gorgeous and reminded me of water, changing colours as it moved. I held onto my clutch tighter as my heart started beating, I became nervous without my glasses on, instead I was wearing contacts. A tap on the door startled me as I rushed over, slipping on my high heels and opening the door. Serena stood there in her black sparkly dress, she took one look at me and her mouth fell open in shock. She walked in and stood to study my dress.

"You ... look ... incredible!" she breathed, as she looked up to face me and she grinned. "Are you wearing contacts?" Serena asked a bit shocked. I nodded as I took hold of her wrist and pulled her lightly out of my room, locking the door behind me.

"I feel over dressed" I muttered, dissapointed with myself and looked down at my feet. Serena hit me lightly on the arm and gave me a serious look.

"You look good, don't bring yourself down before we even get there!" Serena demanded and a giggle left her lips at the end.

We made it the ball room and I stood there for several seconds, trying to calm myself but Serena took my arm and pulled me into the room full of crowded people.


I stood alone in a crowd of people, it was difficult finding your friends when there was about 1OO people in the room. Maybe, even more. Someone bumped me from behind and I tumbled to the ground. Landing on my knees, I pushed the hair out of my eyes and looked up. A boy who was so cute, had his hand extended out and was looking at me worriedly.

"I am truely sorry, young lady" he spoke as I took his hand. I felt my cheeks heat up as I tried to avoid eye contact. "Are you hurt?" he asked me, calmly. I shook my head, no words would come out of my mouth. "I'm Xavier, you are?"

"I'm Amy ... Amy Mizuno" I said quickly, nerves were rushing around and my hands were shaking at my sides.

"Oh, one of the Sailor Sco-" Xavier was interrupted by a terrible noise as monsters crashed in, as people screamed scared. Xavier's eyes widened in shock as he tried to escape but was pushed out of the way of hurried people. I couldn't do anything, then I saw a monster walk OVER him and eye me. 

"MERCURY STAR POWER!" I exclaimed as the familar feeling filled my body and I stood in my gear. 

I looked before me, eyeing the monster and attacked ...

... that was for hurting Xavier, you beast!
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