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  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt Signs On For Nolan’s Third Batman Movie
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    Groovy actor of the moment Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who co-starred in Christopher Nolan's Inception, will reunite with the director for the third installment of Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. This announcement comes after six weeks of negotiations, but there is no official word on who Gordon-Levitt will be playing. Nolan already ruled out the Riddler, but other names being thrown around are Deadshot and Alberto Falcone, son of crime boss Carmine Falcone, who was introduced in Batman Begins. Gordon-Levitt will also be reunited with Inception costars Tom Hardy and Michael Caine. Update: Bleeding Cool appears to be confirming that Gordon-Levitt is playing Alberto Falcone. (Spinoff Online, Variety)
  • Blu Ray Film Reviews Gone With The Wind DarkRealmFox
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    Blu Ray Film Review of Gone With The Wind. The sound quality on Gone With The Wind is good, speech was clear and easy to understand and the music score sounds fabulous, the pops and crackles and hiss that old age brings on these films is gone. An epic love story that spans 12 years in the life of Scarlett O' Hara, from the American Civil War to the forging of a new union and the rebuilding of Tara and the bonds in life that can never be broken, the end of the story is only the beginning, after all, tomorrow is another day.
  • Playing Guitar
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    Sup, my name's Dracula, no not the famous one that's another guy, call me drake for short. I like playing guitar, reading, and lots of other things. I dont like drinking blood from living things unless I have to. I dont remember how old I was when I was turned into a vamp but I was somewhere in my teens. Introduce? | See more about Cute Emo Boys, Emo Boys and Playing Guitar.
  • Colin O'donoghue TV Shows
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    This Pin was discovered by Sharayah Petersen. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. | See more about hooks and captain hook.
  • 16 Family Movies with Multicultural Heroines
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    It's time for a movie marathon of feisty, independent multicultural heroines!
  • EUP-123FL - Steinway & Sons
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    Since 1853, Steinway pianos have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty, and investment value. Steinway remains the choice of 9 out of 10 concert artists, and it is the preferred piano of countless musicians, professional and amateur, throughout the world.
  • Godzilla [DVD] [2014] - Buy Godzilla at a low price; free delivery on qualified orders. See reviews & details on a wide selection of Blu-ray & DVDs, both new & used.
  • Titanic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Anniversary Edition
    Various Artists - Titanic: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Anniversary Edition - Music
  • Luscious at the movies Films and TV shows set in the 1900s-1940s part 2
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    Luscious at the movies: Films and TV shows set in the 1900s-1940s - part 2 including 20th century period dramas...
  • Baker & Taylor Drake, Take Care Vinyl Record
    Embrace the unique sound of vinyl and complete your record collection with this album.Track List:Disc 1:Over My Dead BodyShot for MeHeadlinesCrew LoveTake CareMarvin's RoomUnderground KingsWe'll Be FineMake Me ProudDisc 2:Lord KnowsCamerasDoing it WrongReal HerLook What You've DoneHyfr Hell Ya F'ing RightPracticeRide
  • B.A.P releases individual concept shots for 4th Japanese single “EXCUSE ME” reveals three different album versions
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    Talented group B.A.P will be making their official Japanese return with their 4th single “EXCUSE ME”! Having released teasers for all six members in just three days, BABY’s could expect a quick new comeback video to enjoy following “Where Are You, What Are You Doing” two months back. The teaser images were revealed through the group’s official Japanese website, showcasing a concept similar to that of B.A.P’s one for “1004.” Fans first got to see a glimpse into their next concept through Youngjae’s photo, in which he is standing in a luxurious hall full of different cases of jewelry on display. His suit involves various patterns of both plaid and diamond, yet remains a chic black and white. Hair is simple and eye makeup is light, suggesting a stronger focus on more of the song and imagery in general. Next is Daehyun, who, although is seen in similar settings, portrays a distinct look from that of his group mate. Positioned near art displays in a hall, his attire is a bit more diverse and colorful in its design. Yet, earrings are still simple silver, and hair is black as well. The youngest member Zelo, however, stands out completely with chestnut hair, white suit, and a navy bow tie. Despite having thin black lines, the suit nonetheless joins with his hairstyle to make Zelo seem like the opposite light side of their concept. So far, he is also the only one with a hat – a tan fedora, with a black and white badge attached on the side. Jongup, too, has more colors involved in his attire. Exuding an older, more mature charm with thin, golden glasses and teased hair, he combines unique colors such as navy, mint green, golden chains, and purple hair effortlessly. Second to last is Himchan, who looks the simplest out of the current stream of concept images. Wearing no patterns, he instead dons a unique black coat and has a streak of gold beneath his collar. His hat too is noticeable to be reminiscent of past styles, but modern in its texture. All in all, Himchan conveys the most natural essence of himself, using just a few pieces to bring out his best features. The finale is leader Yongguk, whose stylist differentiated him the most amidst his group mates. He partakes in a more laid-back appearance, with leather jeans and studded brown belt, flannel that’s halfway loose, and a unique sports coat. Like Youngjae and Daehyun, his hair is black and gelled, though slightly windswept like Zelo’s. Meanwhile, their Japanese website also included details and track lists for all three versions of their mini album for “EXCUSE ME.” Type A includes the most special features, showcasing a golden cover. On the other hand, Type B and C are shorter versions of the original package, with green and violet covers respectively. Type-A track list: relatively $16.70 [CD] EXCUSE ME ZERO EXCUSE ME (Original Rap Version) EXCUSE ME (Instrumental) ZERO (Instrumental) [DVD] EXCUSE ME Music Video Making of MV and Photo-shooting Type-B track list: relatively $11.28 [CD] EXCUSE ME COFFEE SHOP ZERO EXCUSE ME (Original Rap Version) Type-C track list: [CD] EXCUSE ME COFFEE SHOP EXCUSE ME (Original Rap Version) EXCUSE ME (Instrumental) COFFEE SHOP (Instrumental) Moreover, an exclusive Quantity Limited Edition album is priced at relatively $26.17, in which further details will be revealed later. B.A.P will further hold an event on the first weekend of September for their new release, on the 6th and 7th. On Saturday, September 6th, the six members of B.A.P will be holding a special release event in the Kansai area, and on Sunday, September 7th, at the Kanto area of Tokyo, Japan. On both days, B.A.P will release the three different albums of their latest 4th single, as well as hold alternative events of their previous 3rd single “NO MERCY.” Details will be given later this August for the upcoming promotional events. Overall, B.A.P has much planned for Japanese BABY’s, especially for those situated in Tokyo! Stay tuned for more updates and teasers regarding their next set of promotions for Japan! Sources: B.A.P Official Japanese Website, B.A.P Official Facebook
  • Scandal TV Show
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    #Scandal #Premieres October 3 2013 #cantwait
  • The mortal instruments
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    This Pin was discovered by Jenna Lorenz. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. | See more about King, The o'jays and The mortal instruments.
  • Let's Go To The Movies
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    Requests welcome and appreciated SESSIONS: 10 Things I Hate About You 13 Going on 30 21 Jump Street...
  • Djembe Art Drum Musical Instruments
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    Djembe Art Drum
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    • Wake Up In The Woods.
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    • We're Nothing But Sinking Ships.♥
  • Movie Review Into the Woods (1991)
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    Movie review of Into the Woods (1991) by The Critical Movie Critics | Play that mixes fairy tales together in a story about being happy with what you have.
  • Shirt: grey girl friends tv show friends tv show jennifer aniston courtney cox monica geller rachel
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    There is 1 tip to buy this shirt: grey girl friends tv show friends tv show jennifer aniston courtney cox monica geller rachel green grey sweater grey t-.
  • Vintage Collectible Tandberg Radiofabrikk Reel to Reel Tape Recorder
    Wonderful piece of History. In great condition.....see the pics. Have not plugged it in, but pretty sure it works as all the cords are in perfect condition. Priced accordingly. A little bit of history.................Tandberg, Lysaker, Norway Founded in 1933 by Vebjorn Tandberg as Tandbergs Radiofabrikk (Tandberg's radio factory) in Oslo Vebjørn Tandberg (16 September 1904 – 30 August 1978) was a Norwegian electronics engineer. An alumnus of the Norwegian Institute of Technology, founded Tandbergs Radiofabrikk of Oslo in 1933, and made it a great success. In addition to his technical and commercial achievements, Tandberg was a pioneer in providing good conditions for his workforce. He instituted a 42 hour week and 3 weeks yearly vacation for all in 1937, and a free pension and health insurance scheme for all from 1938. A four week vacation for all employees over 40 years of age was introduced in 1947, while the working week was reduced to 39 hours in 1948. There was a five day work week during the summer months from 1955, over the full year from 1969. The company's first radio was named "Tommeliten", and used only earphones. This was followed by the "Corona" with a loudspeaker. In 1934 the first "Huldra" radio was launched, followed in 1936 by the "Sølvsuper". During the early years, radios, loudspeakers and microphones were the main output from the factory. The Sølvsuper and the Huldra radios became the foundation for Tandberg's success. In the early 1950s, Tandberg opened a branch plant in Kjelsas (in Oslo) to produce reel-to-reel tape recorders. Their first model was the TB 1, introduced to the market in 1952. Over the next decade, Tandberg quickly incorporated a number of leading-edge concepts; the TB 2 Hi Fi of 1956 had three tape transport speeds, allowing improved high-frequency response. The TB 3 Stereo from 1957 was Tandberg's first stereo system. In the 1960s Tandberg introduced the cross-field recording technique in the TB-6X model, allowing their recorders to handle higher frequencies than competing models. Tandberg licensed the concept to Akai, who used it widely in the 1970s and 80s in their Akai and Roberts recorders. Tandberg tape recorders dominated the Norwegian market, and had a reputation for advanced technology and high quality at reasonable prices. It was on Tandberg reel-to-reel machines that President John F. Kennedy recorded many meetings in the Cabinet Room of the White House, including those associated with the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • various facial scars from older movies | facial scarring | disfiguring makeups | themakeupgallery
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    Featuring featuring various actresses playing scarred characters in older movies & TV shows.
  • Lucy Movie Trailer Starring Scarlett Johansson As Telekinetic Superhero Released (video)
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    A new trailer has been released this week for the new movie Lucy that stars Scarlett Johansson as a telekinetic superhero in the year 2069 AD
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  • Reign tv show
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    Her kindness mixed with a wild sprit she has. Lady Kenna, Reign Tv Show.
  • Supernatural Season 8 Complete [DVD] - Buy Supernatural - Season 8 Complete at a low price; free delivery on qualified orders. See reviews & details on a wide selection of Blu-ray & DVDs, both new & used.

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